HUNT Montana for Garmin [v14.1]

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HUNT Montana for Garmin by onXmaps

We've combined BLM, Forest Service, USGS Topo Quad, and PLAT book maps to give you HUNT Montana for Garmin GPS, the most informative GPS map of Montana ever created! This microSD Chip gives you a color-coded map of Montana showing public & private land boundaries with land owner names, hunt districts, topo information, roads, trails, and much more. Map data is collected from multiple sources and organized in a way that makes our HUNT Montana Map intuitive and helps you reduce map clutter and get back to hunting! Endorsed by numerous State and Federal agencies, including many Game & Fish Departments, HUNT Montana for Garmin GPS by onXmaps is the most reliable source for Montana land ownership maps on the market!

HUNT Montana for Garmin GPS Map Kit

HUNT Montana for Garmin Advantages

  • Pinpoint private land owner names and property boundaries in Montana* so you can request access permission (if you want regional maps without land owner names, check out our HUNT Regional Maps for Garmin GPS)
  • Discover little-known, seldom-hunted public land
  • Navigate confidently around private lands you're not allowed to hunt
  • Quickly view hunt district boundaries
  • Easily identify changes in land ownership with straightforward color-coded parcels
  • Access roads — (hwy, city, back-roads, trails, etc.)
  • Discover water — (lakes, rivers, creeks, springs, etc.)
  • Map your best route with 24K topographic functionality
  • Much more — every feature you will ever need in the field!

Looking for Mobile Device maps? Take a look at the HUNT App for Mobile Devices!

Take advantage of all the information right on your mapping device! A legend is unnecessary on all digital hunting maps since all the data is easily accessible right on the map.

*Private land ownership information may not be available for all counties but is updated frequently. Check out our Plat Coverage Map for more information. It is important that you update your HUNT Montana Map yearly to get the most up-to-date information available.

HUNT Montana for Garmin Feature List:

  • Land owner name appears on parcels within the state*
  • Land owner name is searchable in BaseCamp and most GPS units
  • 2014 BMA (Walk-In Area) Access Lands
  • 2014 Open Fields Access Lands
  • Color-coded land ownership data
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • Block Management Areas
    • State Land
    • County Land
    • WMA, WPA, NWR, etc.
    • US Forest Service/National Grasslands
    • US Fish & Wildlife
    • MT FWP Land
    • Indian Reservations
    • Department of Defense
    • Corps of Engineers
    • Local government
    • National Parks (Yellowstone included)
    • State Parks
    • Timber Company Lands (Plum Creek, Stimson)
    • Much more!
  • 2014 Big Game Hunting Districts — Deer, Elk, Lion
  • 2014 Antelope Hunting Districts
  • Use your GPS to select anywhere on the map to list 2014 Bighorn Sheep, Black Bear, Moose, Mountain Goat, or Turkey Hunt Unit Information
  • Wilderness Areas
  • Section lines and numbers (T24N R34E 12)
  • State sections, School Trust Land,DNRC
  • 24K Topographic features (20 ft contour intervals ~ 1:24K Equivalent)
  • City parks, county open space
  • Roads — Highways, city and county roads, USFS roads, DNR roads, Nat'l Wildlife Refuge roads, roads on publicly accessible timberlands
  • Trails- Continental Divide Trail, USFS trails, Nat'l Park trails, BLM trails, Nat'l Wildlife Refuge trails, OSM trails - Over 27,000 miles of trail segments!
  • National Forest Recreation Sites
  • Campgrounds
  • Geographic names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc)
  • Fishing access sites (boat ramps)
  • Airports - Updated with current FAA data
  • Microbrewery locations
  • Lake Depth Contours — mostly on Western Lakes
  • Water - detailed data on lakes, ponds, rivers, bays, streams, marshes, locks, springs, and dams

Version 14.1

Released on: Aug 21, 2014


  • Updated to 2014 BMA (Walk-In) Access Lands
  • Added 2014 Open Fields Access Lands

Version 14.0

Released on: Jul 15, 2014


  • Updated land ownership statewide
  • Added dotted parcel lines to indicate interior divisions of properties
  • Updated Hunt Units
  • Added and refined inland lake bathymetry data to many additional lakes. Perfect for recreational reference, but do not use for nearshore navigation.
  • Improved transportation network to symbolize different road types appropriately (particularly backroads versus more driveable county roads), reduce overlap in roads and trails, and include more city trails, National Park trails, and Fish & Wildlife Service roads and trails
  • Updated POIs with many new symbols (including fishing access sites, breweries, airports, waterfalls, hand-launch boat ramps, and backcounty camp sites) and more city names displayed
  • Created a unique color code for State Parks, State Forests, State Fish & Wildlife, State universities, local parks, Corps of Engineers, Dams
  • Edited color code for Bureau of Reclamation
  • Updated PLSS data
  • Updated 24k topo lines

Version 13.1

Released on: Aug 23, 2013


  • Added 2013 Block Management Areas!
  • Combined many roads and trails data sets to create the most comprehensive and detailed backroads dataset ever created for Montana! Updated the roads and trails layers to clean up doubled up roads and trails.
  • Added names to most rivers and other waterbodies.
  • Added Custom Waypoint symbols for Hunting.

Version 13.0

Released on: Jun 26, 2013


  • Fixed many data errors and land swaps. Here are a few of the larger ones of note:
    • T21N R17W 5 – Unknown Parcels are now USFS
    • T23N R33W 1 and some others nearby are USFS and not Private
    • Some sections near Swan River State Forest are now State Land instead of Private
    • T22N R14E 6 and surrounding lands were changed to BLM management instead of State Lands
    • Dyrdahl WPA land management agency changed from BLM to US Fish and Wildlife.
    • T15N R3W 18 was colored as State Land but it has swapped to Dearborn Ranch, LLC.
  • Removed Well numbers
  • Many Roads and Trails added to Beaverhead Deerlodge National Forest
  • Fixed Subdivision Roads near Columbus, MT

Version 12.0

Released on: May 24, 2012


  • Updated Land Ownership data to April 2012 dataset
  • Changed the map display so Ranch boundaries and other large property boundaries are easier to determine
  • Updated Hunting District Boundary Data
  • Updated Fishing Access Points
  • Fixed some state land coloring in Missoula county
  • Changed display of Section Lines to make them lighter
  • Changed display of GMU boundaries to make them easier to see
  • Changed the color and line style of the closed roads to clean up the map in areas with many old roads. These roads are now a light gray dashed line instead the thicker white and brown colored line.

Version 11.2

Released on: Sep 15, 2011


  • Removed Block Management Areas at the request of the Montana FWP

Version 11.1 (Released Sep 01, 2011)

  • Added 2011 Block Management Areas with BMA numbers
  • Added Yellowstone National Park
  • Added New Trail Data
  • Removed Conservation Easement Boundaries

Version 11.0 (Released Jun 27, 2011)

  • Updated private and government ownership to 2011 data
  • Updated Bighorn National Recreation Area boundary
  • Cleaned data to run smoother and faster

Version 10.4 (Released Mar 03, 2011)

  • Updated map display to make National Forest Roads, Backroads, and Trails more visible on Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, and Nuvi GPS units
  • Updated Hunting District Boundaries
  • Display is now much cleaner on Nuvi units
  • Returned elevation values to the Topo lines
  • made Hunting District numbers easier to see which HD you are in
  • Road and Trail Names and numbers now display more prominently
  • TRS info now shows on the computer version of the map

Version 10.3 (Released Oct. 2, 2010)

  • Added Roads and Trails
  • Changed Map Identification

Version 10.1 (Released Aug. 12, 2010)

  • Added a waypoint in the middle of each section to display Township, Range, and Section Numbers when user zooms to the middle of a section
  • Removed Legal Description from Parcel Lines to simplify the map

Version 10.0 (Released June 18, 2010)

  • Updated ownership to 2010 - Ownership current to Dec. 2009 through May 2010 depending on the county
  • Waterbody Data East of Missoula fixed
  • Added National Forest Wilderness Area Boundaries
  • Added Legal Description to Parcel and  Section Lines to show Section Numbers and Lot Numbers
  • Included Parcel Data and ownership within the major cities
  • Added Lake Depth Contours
  • Added Conservation Easements Coloring
  • Added Many more Trails throughout the State

Version 9.4 (Released March 8, 2010)

  • Montana Deer/Elk/Lion Hunting Districts added to the map - (double greeen line)
  • Added Fishing Access Sites
  • Changed section/parcel line naming & coloring for clearer display on Dakota, Colorado, and Oregon series
  • changed map identification

Version 9.1 (Released Nov 2009)

  • Number of Topo Lines increased - now 20ft contour intervals when zoomed in (contour lines represent 20ft of elevation gain or loss). This allows you to more easily tell where subtle rises and falls in the landscape are.
  • Updated Land Owner Data to July 2009
  • Rural Roads now load at a higher zoom to help plan travel routes easier. (Data loading zoom levels can also be adjusted in the Map Setup Menu by changing the Map Detail Level to 'More' or 'Less')

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GPS Compatibility for SD/MicroSD Orders

  • Must have a Garmin GPS (color screen recommended)
  • GPS Unit must have expandable memory capability unless you are purchasing the download version (slot or port for SD/MicroSD Chip)
  • recommended unit - Garmin GPSMAP 62s
  • DO NOT send any other map data to the SD card while it is in the unit

Compatible GPS Units

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list. Your GPS unit may be compatible with our maps, although it may not be listed here. A good place to check if your unit is compatible is the Garmin website. Search for your GPS unit then click on the Specs tab to see if it will Accept Data Cards.

  • All Garmin Montana Series
  • All Garmin Oregon Series
  • All Garmin Colorado Series
  • Dakota 20
  • Nuvi series
  • GPSMAP 60CSx & 60Cx, 62s & 62st
  • GPSMAP 76CSx & 76Cx, 78s & 78sc
  • Rino 655t,  650, 520HCx & 530HCx
  • Astro 320 & 220
  • eTrex 20 & 30
  • eTrex Legend HCx, Cx
  • eTrex Vista HCx, Cx
  • eTrex Venture HCx
  • Zumo series
  • Street Pilot
  • IQUE
  • Edge 605 & 705

GPS Compatibility for BaseCamp Download Orders

You can download and install the map onto your computer's BaseCamp Software to view the maps on your computer then send the maps to your GPS. See below for requirements:

  • Garmin GPS with color screen
  • USB cable to connect GPS to computer
  • BaseCamp software (free download from Garmin's Website)
  • Windows PC (Windows XP SP3 or higher, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
  • Mac Computer (Intel-based running OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) or higher. OS X 10.4 (Tiger) and users without an Intel-based Mac should use BaseCamp 2.1.2 available here.)
  • High Speed Internet REQUIRED
  • recommended units - Garmin GPSMAP 62s

Compatible GPS Units

Keep in mind that this is not a complete list. Your GPS unit may be compatible with our maps, although it may not be listed here. A good place to check if your unit is compatible is the Garmin website. Search for your GPS unit then click on the Specs tab to see if it will Accept Data Cards.

  • All Garmin Montana Series
  • All Garmin Oregon Series
  • All Garmin Colorado Series
  • All Garmin Dakota Series
  • GPSMAP 60Cx, 60CSx, 62, 62s, 62st
  • GPSMAP 76Cx, 76CSx, 78, 78s, 78sc
  • eTrex Legend HCx, Cx
  • eTrex Summit HC
  • eTrex Venture HC & Cx
  • eTrex Vista HCx, Cx
  • eTrex 20, 30
  • Rino 520HCx, 530HCx, 610, 650, 655t
  • Astro 220, 320
  • Nuvi series
  • Zumo series
  • Street Pilot
  • IQUE
  • Edge 605 & 705

SD/MicroSD or Download Option?

  HUNT SD/MicroSD Chip HUNT Download Product


  • Easy to use! Simply plug the memory chip into the memory chip slot on your GPS and go.
  • No downloading software and messing with the computer.
  • The CHIP can also be used to view the map on your computer through Garmin's FREE BaseCamp software (for Advanced Users). View the map on your computer to help find areas to hunt or scout before you hit the ground.
  • Easily update your Chip directly through our website each year.
  • Download version allows you to view the map on the computer, and then send the map to a GPS. View the map on your computer to help find areas to hunt or scout before you hit the ground.
  • Customers will receive one unlock code and can purchase additional unlock codes to add the map to other family member's GPS units.


  • Some GPS units don't take MicroSD or SD chips, so you will have to use our HUNT Downloadable Product.
  • Downloading and installing all the maps and necessary software can be difficult and time-consuming (but we do have instructions!)
  • For Advanced Users only
  • High Speed Internet required for these large file downloads
  • Priced higher than our SD/MicroSD product as we have a customer service team to lend support if you run into any trouble with the installation.

  • You will be able to see your position relative to public and private land boundaries. For example, if you are on a BLM section, your current location will show up on a yellow background. If you are on private land, your GPS will show your current location on a white background
  • Wherever you go you have a Statewide Ownership and Topo Map compacted down to a device that fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than a pound
  • Easily Compare to your Paper Maps to quickly figure out your location on that Paper Map using section lines and property ownership coloring as a reference

We concentrate our efforts to providing the most current and accurate property boundaries and ownership available. These maps are for reference purposes only. Always obey property postings and use common sense to visually verify boundaries. Data is taken from the most current state and national government agency's land survey data. Because of the data compilation methods used by state agencies and onXmaps, the data is subject to error. No representation is made or warranty given as to its content or usability. User assumes all risk of use. These data do not constitute a legal survey; when seeking the definitive description of real property, consult the deed recorded at the local county courthouse or official land records in the respective Federal or State agencies.

You can read more about Garmin GPS Unit accuracy on the Garmin website

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