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  • Land owner names with property boundaries*
  • Color-coded public and private lands
  • Topographical functionality – 24K topo and aerial imagery
  • Game Management and Hunting Units
  • State specific features – WMA, WPA
  • Roads – hwy, city, back-roads, trails
  • Water Data - lakes, rivers, creeks, streams

‘We used the New Mexico maps on an archery hunt. Amazing how it guided us through the checkerboard of private and public. We had the area all to ourselves, once we negotiated the land ownership. Shot a bull at two yards’.

–Randy Newberg—Fresh Tracks TV Host


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    Summer is a great time at onXmaps. The weather in Missoula is beautiful & we are able to float down crisp, clean rivers and enjoy all of the wide, open space we're so privileged to have here in the West. But there's one thing we love even more about summer: it's map update season! Click Read More to see why onXmaps & Team HUNT Go Places Others Won't!

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  • HUNT App - New Features!

    The HUNT App by onXmaps has come a long way since we released it in August 2013. Now, after just under 1 year, we have a total of 37 states available for purchase within the HUNT App at our various Membership Levels! We've also been hard at work increasing the stability of the Android app and making enhancements based on your feedback. Click Read More to learn about the great new features you now have access to!

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