HUNT App for iOS

HUNT App for iOS
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12-Month Membership Per State

Turn Mobile Into GPS

Land Owner Names & Boundaries

Color-coded Public & Private Lands

Roads & Trails

Hunting Areas

Private Lands Open to Public

Save Maps (Cache for Offline)

10+ Basemaps

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Map Features

HUNT App Membership for iOS

Get the same great map data you're used to on your GPS, now available for your iPhone or iPad! Every feature you could want in the field, advantages include:

  • Pinpoint private land owner names and property boundaries* so you can request access permission
  • Navigate confidently around private lands you're not allowed to hunt
  • Search for land owners by name—view all parcels they own in an area
  • Map your best route with 24K topographical basemaps
  • Retrieve data quickly—all data is hosted on dedicated onXmaps map servers
  • Have confidence that your maps are completely accurate with onXmaps quality controlled data
  • Access onXmaps Support for any questions you may have about the HUNT App's functionality

Looking for Garmin GPS compatible maps? Check out our line of HUNT Premium for Garmin Maps!

*Private land ownership data and other features may not be available through the HUNT App for all states/counties or on all HUNT App Membership Plans. Please see our Plat Coverage Map for additional information.


HUNT App by onXmaps Product Overview

HUNT App by onXmaps Waypoint Tutorial

GPS Functionality

GPS Functionality

The HUNT App for iPhone & iPad uses the GPS built into your iOS device to display your location on the map. Cellular network coverage is NOT needed to use the HUNT App and the GPS functionality. Proprietary tile caching technology allows you to cache basemaps and all other key map layers for use when you are away from cellular network coverage or wi-fi.


HUNT App for iPhone & iPad Updates

As land ownership, hunting areas, and other map data change we will update the map data on our servers. This new map data will automatically be loaded to your HUNT App without you having to do anything!

Free Trial

Free Trial

You may try our full featured map subscription for 7 days for the state of your choice. Only one 7 day trial is allowed, and this trial is only good for one state of your choice from our available states. This will give you a chance to try all of the amazing features, map layers, and functionality our subscription has to offer.

7 DAY FREE TRIAL for HUNT App instructions:

QR Code to download the HUNT App for iPhone and iPad
  1. Get the app: Download our HUNT App by scanning the QR Code to the right with your device. Or you can download the HUNT App from the Apple App Store using your iPhone, iPad, other iOS device, or computer with iTunes software.
  2. Open the HUNT App using your iOS device.
  3. Select 'OK' when prompted to use your current location.
  4. Select 'Layers'
  5. Choose an inactive layer without an orange border.
  6. Select 'Not Now' when prompted to subscribe.
  7. 'Create an account' to start your Premium HUNT App Trial Subscription.

Now you have access to all the valuable layers and functionality you can expect from us at onXmaps. If you have any questions, check our HUNT App for iOS Help Page.


Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Game changer
This app makes the process of finding new lands and getting permission on them much easier. All the property lines are drawn out on the maps. Choose from street maps, aerials, topo, etc. Just tap on the property you are interested in and up pops the owner's name and mailing address. You still have to knock on the door and ask permission but at least with this app you know which door to knock on. You can also use this app to mark waypoints and POI with symbols or even photos. The marking process is a little clunky and other apps have done that part better but that isn't what this app is really for. Unfortunately for me, two of the properties I was really interested in near my house had no owner information attached to them. These were the only two parcels I found this to be the case in the relatively small area that I searched. I'm sure there are more out there but the point is they are few and very far between. Overall, I think this is a great app. I just hope that not too many people find out about it or I might get some competition on my little public land honey hole.
Review by LANG / (Posted on 28/02/2014)
Great app/ not as good as standalone gps/ but great app
I tried this app on 3 devices, first a apple I phone the a wifi only ipad 2 and then a ipad 2 with cell coverage.

Pros: The app workability is great. The app gives you the ability to switch between layer very nicely. Great detail on all the layers and of course land ownership maps.
The GPS on the cell coverage devices worked well and the wifi only iPad did not work at all.
The built in ability to save (cache) maps for use in the field w/o cell service is the number one thing I was testing.
The in the field mode is well thought out. (saves battery)

Cons: I found it hard to save the maps. After figuring it out I then saved the areas I wanted. When I got into the field I found out that I had only saved the maps at a certain viewing distance. Example (1 mile out). I downloaded these maps with a Internet service provider speed of 10MB connection and the app continued to time out. This is when I realized that you need to only download a few sections at a time. (Not 25% of the state). This con is understandable as to data set your downloading is very large.

When in the field I could not switch between layers. That is when I realized that when you save your maps it is not saving every layer.

Map quality A++++
Usability A++++
Downloading the maps A+
Help videos A++
Finger gestures using the app A++++
Easy of use for non tech savvy person A+
Using for scouting prior to hunt driving and looking for land A++++

Over all I give the App 4 stars.. Great product for anyone hunting within 3 miles of the main road. (Short go hunters)
If your hunting deeper than that I would recommend getting a standalone gps with a chip or a download.
Review by David / (Posted on 20/11/2013)
This product should have been invented 30 years ago! I can't imagine hunting without it! If you're trying to stay legal, or find out whose sweet peice of land you always eyeball driving by, this is the app for you!!
Review by Bowhunter / (Posted on 08/11/2013)
Almost perfect
I would call this a must have for a DIY public land hunt in WY. Had to correct a ranch hand who thought we were on his property. We were in and out of cell service so we were switching back and forth to field mode. The app uses some juice. We were charging the phone every time we were in the truck. If you are gonna be in the field for more than 4 hours, you will need some way to charge. A few time I had a server error message. I was able to switch to field mode and keep hunting. By using this app we were able to put two antelope on the ground that most hunters overlooked due to incorrect property posting by private landowner.
Review by Justin / (Posted on 02/11/2013)
Great app, most of the time.
Love this app except....when I'm in a place where I don't get a cell signal or the company's system is down. In these situations you need a GPS with the chip. But I like the look and multiple map choices with the app better than the chip, especially the ability to layer satellite mapping on the fly.
Review by Ken / (Posted on 16/10/2013)
Good Stuff
I downloaded this app and did the free 7 day trial. Great tool for finding out land owners contact information and public/private boundaries. Haven't tried it out in the field. Impressed enough that I just ordered the Colorado Hunt GPS Map for my Garmin. Hunting a new spot in two weeks, this should come in very handy.
Review by Aaron / (Posted on 16/10/2013)
Best ever
This is one the best map programs that I have found for my iPhone. Don't own a GPS so this works for now. I like that I can download a map to my favorites and view when I don't have service. My dad has this program on his Oregon. It has helped us so much in our hunting success. This is a must for any outdoor enthusiast to have in his day pack.
Review by Jonathan / (Posted on 11/09/2013)
Great Mapping App for Pennsylvania
I've been using this app in and around Luzerne County PA and I'm amazed how much knowledge I've gained. There were plots of land that I always wanted to know who owned them but didn't want to pay the county to find out. This app works great in areas where you can get cell reception. If I end up in an area that doesn't I'll definitely get the GPS Card. Thanks for an awesome product!
Review by Tim / (Posted on 11/09/2013)
Excellent addition to any smart phone
I have been playing around with the new app for the iPhone for a few weeks now. This is a great product that any hunter who has a smart phone can benefit from. The detail of the information is outstanding. The app is free and the subscription for each state is rather inexpensive. You are able to download a free 7 day trial to see if the software will work for you. Honestly, you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.
Review by Ed / (Posted on 28/08/2013)