Updating your Download GPS Map

Update Your Map

You can login to your MyMaps account and download any updates for your year's version of the map. When next year's map is released, you will see a 'Update Your Map' button appear in your MyMaps account. Click this button, pay the update fee, and you will receive access to the newest download within your MyMap's Downloads area.

How to Check for an Update

Click on a button below to check if your map has an update available in 3 easy steps, and what to do afterwards if an update is available.

All Instructions

  • Step 1: Sign into your account at the top of the page under 'My Maps/Login'. If you have not already registered your product, you need to do so first. The screen shot below shows where to login to your account.

    Screenshot of our Customer Log In Section.
  • Step 2: Select 'My Maps' in the sidebar navigation. The screen shot shows where this is located within your account.

    Screenshot of a general Customer Account.
  • Step 3: On this page, you can find any maps you have purchased and registered with us. In the following screenshots (labeled 3A and 3B respectively), are shown the differences of what you may encounter when trying to update your download GPS map.
    • 3A: In this example, the download will be the most current map available. Clicking on the button (as shown circled in "3A") will allow you to download the current map available. If you need directions on how to complete the download, visit our tutorial.

      3A) Example of Being Able to Download the Most Current Download Map

      Screenshot of a Customer Account showing a maps with an available update.
    • 3B: If there is a brown button with the words "Update Your Map" (as seen in 3B), then you will need to click on that button and go through the checkout to purchase the update. Afterwards, you will be able to update the new map version.

      3B) Example of a Download Map that needs an update purchased.

      Screenshot of a Customer Account showing a map with a purchasable update