Tutorial: Installing Downloadable Maps to Garmin's BaseCamp Software and your GPS

Below you will find several guides to install your map. First is a quick guide for those with advanced computer use or those that just need a quick reminder. Second is a video that walks you through the installation step-by-step (see note below for video viewing). Finally, we have a very detailed step-by-step written tutorial with screen captures (pictures). If you follow these instructions closely we will walk you through each step of the process and show you exactly what to do on your computer.

It is important to note that you can use any of Garmin's Map Management Softwares (Trip and Waypoint Managers) to view the maps and transfer to a GPS unit - BaseCamp or MapSource. These programs are very similar, so the steps taken to install the maps are the same until the final step of Transferring the Maps to your GPS. BaseCamp is highly recommended because it is newer software, updated frequently, and is easier to install.

The Quick Installation Guide (No Extra Details or Screenshots)

  1. Download BaseCamp here for Free and Install it on your PC.
  2. Login to the MyMaps Area of Hunting GPS Maps using your email address and password that was emailed to you after purchase.
  3. Once logged in, Select the View All Maps link or select MyMaps under My Account. Click on the 'Download Product' Button for the map you purchased. Save the map installation file (.EXE) to your computer.
  4. While you are logged in to the MyMaps Area go back to the MyMaps Overview area where you selected the Download button and select the 'Generate Unlock Code' Button.
  5. Enter your GPS Unit ID and your GPS model (Optional) and hit 'Submit'. You MUST turn on your GPS to get your Unit ID (Typically under Setup > About or Setup > System > Software Version). Or you can watch the video below.
  6. Highlight the 25 character code, right click, and 'Copy' it, or use the 'Copy Code' button that we provide.
  7. Now back to the map download. Once the download is complete you need to Run the .exe file that you downloaded to install the map. Browse to the folder you saved this file in and double click it to Run it.
  8. Walk through the installation - the default install directory (C:\Garmin\Custom) should be used.
  9. Once you Finish the install wizard the map is now installed as a map product in BaseCamp or MapSource.
  10. Open the BaseCamp Software you installed earlier.
  11. BaseCamp will prompt you saying 'Locked Maps Detected' - Select 'Unlock Maps'to open the Map Manager. You can also access the Map Manager at any time by going to 'Utiliites' > 'Manage Map Products'.
  12. A Map Product Manager Window will pop-up with two tabs toward the top of the window - select 'Unlock Regions'. (DON'T select unlock online)
  13. Now Select the 'Add' Button and 'Paste' in your 25 character unlock code (enter your GPS model for a comment).
  14. Now the full map can be viewed on your computer in BaseCamp and the map can be transferred to and used on the one GPS that you unlocked it for. Zoom in and out in BaseCamp to view the map, Go to View > Map Views > 2D Map to get rid of the extra map windows.
  15. Connect your GPS to the computer and turn the GPS on to Transfer maps to your GPS.
  16. Your GPS should be recognized and displayed on the left hand side of the screen under 'Devices' in the 'Library'. Right click on the GPS (or the Removable Disk depending on where you want to send the maps) and select 'Install Maps' [NOTE: Your Removable Disk may not be shown if you have an eTrex, Rino, or GPSMAP series GPS - right click on your GPS unit's name and the maps will be sent to the Removable Disk].
  17. The Map Install wizard will walk you through installing the maps on your GPS.
  18. You may also install Maps by opening the Map Install Program which was installed with BaseCamp. Click 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Garmin' > 'Map Install'.

Video Tutorial:

Watch this video for an easy to follow step-by-step guide to installing BaseCamp, installing your map to your computer, unlocking it for your GPS, and transferring the map onto your GPS.

Having trouble viewing the video? Click here for the YouTube version.

More Detailed Instructions:

Part 1 - Installing BaseCamp

  1. To manage the your maps and send maps to your GPS you need to have Garmin's BaseCamp software installed on your computer (PC). BaseCamp is Free software from Garmin - Download BaseCamp here for Free and Install it on your PC.
  2. Once installed, you can open BaseCamp from the Windows Start Menu. Go to 'Start' > 'Programs' > 'Garmin' > 'BaseCamp' (Tip: Create an shortcut on your desktop for opening BaseCamp)

Part 2 - Installing the map you purchased

  1. Make sure you have Garmin's BaseCamp software installed on your computer before installing the map
  2. Login to the MyMaps Area of Hunting GPS Maps using your email address and Password that was delivered to the email address that was used to make the order.

  3. Image showing the MyMaps Login box

  4. Once logged in you will see the My Dashboard and My Account areas. In 'My Dashboard' select 'View All Maps' to see the maps you have purchased. Or over in the 'My Account' area select 'My Maps' to go to the same page.

  5. Image showing a user logged into the MyMaps Dashboard

  6. In your 'My Maps' area select the 'Download' button to start the download to your computer.

  7.  Image of Download Button located on 'My Maps' page

  8. A window will pop up asking you to save the file. Choose Save File.

  9. Image of the 'Save File' dialog box in Windows

  10. Save it to any easy to remember location such as your desktop or My Documents folder. Be sure to remember the location where you save it.
  11. Image of user saving the file on their desktop

  12. Once you hit 'Save File' the download will start. You can monitor the download process in the downloads window. These map files are large and the download times will vary depending on your internet speed.

  13. Image of the download progress window

  14. Once the download is complete go to the location that you saved the file, in this case the Desktop.

  15. Image of downloaded file on user's desktop

  16. Double click the file and select "Run" to begin the installation. An installation wizard window will pop up on your screen - Follow the instructions and read all licensing information.

  17. Image of the installation wizard

  18. Be sure to save the file to the default location in the C:\Garmin\Custom folder.

  19. Image of the map's default install location in the installation wizard

  20. When finished, the map will be loaded as one of the Mapsets available in your BaseCamp Software.
  21. Proceed to Part 3 to unlock the map so you can see full detail on your computer and use the map on your GPS.

Part 3 - Unlocking the Map

To unlock your purchased copy of your map you'll need the unique Unit ID of your GPS receiver. The Unit ID is a 10-digit number which is absolutely unique. Every Garmin GPS receiver has such a number.

Watch this video if you need help getting your Unit ID or read the written instructions below the video.
Having trouble viewing the video? Click here for the YouTube version.

  1. There are two ways to find your Unit ID:
    1. In BaseCamp, simply connect your GPS to your computer and turn it on to view your GPS's model and Unit ID on the left side of the screen under 'Devices'.

    2. Image showing a device's Unit ID in Garmin BaseCamp

    3. To get the Unit ID only with the help of your GPS, turn it on and go to the 'Main Menu' > 'Setup' > 'System' and then press or select the menu button. Choose Software Version. Please write down the Unit ID. You will need it later. (For newer GPS units [Oregon, Dakota, Nuvi, & Colorado series], go to 'Setup' > 'About')
  2. After you have your GPS unit ID please log into the MyMaps web page using your Email Address and Password which were sent to you with your order confirmation. After logging in, go to your My Maps page and select the 'Generate Unlock Code' button.

  3. Image of the 'Generate Unlock Code' button on a user's My Maps page

  4. In the following form you have to fill in the unique Unit ID of your receiver, which you wrote down in Steps 1 & 2. Enter your GPS model and username to keep your unlock codes organized (optional). Select 'Submit'.

  5. Image of a user entering their GPS model and username while generating an unlock code

  6. Confirm that the Unit ID is correct and hit 'OK'.

  7. Image of a user confirming their Unit ID is correct

  8. Highlight the 25-character unlock code, right click, and select 'Copy' or use our handy 'Copy Code' button to copy the code. We will paste this into BaseCamp to unlock your map in a few more steps. This unlock code will always be available in your My Maps account at any time in case you need to retrieve it later.

  9. Image of a generated unlock code

  10. Open BaseCamp. The program should recognize that there are unlocked maps installed and ask if you would like to start the unlock procedure. Click the button labeled 'Unlock Maps' (If the software doesn't prompt you to unlock maps, you can go to 'Utilities' > 'Manage Map Products' in BaseCamp to open the Map Product Manager).

  11. Image of the 'Unlock Maps' button in BaseCamp

  12. In the following window of the "Map Product Manager" SWITCH TO THE TAB LABELED 'Unlock Regions'and open the input form for new unlock codes by clicking 'Add...'.

  13. Image of the unlock window opened to the 'Unlock Regions' tab

  14. Fill in the unlock code you generated, add a comment if desired, then hit 'OK'. The map is now unlocked for that one GPS unit and your Computer. After you have entered a valid unlock code the map will appear as "Unlocked" in the Map Product Manager. From now on the map can be used on your Computer and also on that one GPS receiver. Close out of the Map Product Manager.

  15. Image of a user inputting their unlock code in Garmin BaseCamp

  16. Back in BaseCamp you can now zoom in to view the features of the map. Note: more data will load as you zoom in
    If you don't see the map you were expecting, make sure you have the correct Map selected for display in BaseCamp. You can switch between maps by clicking the 'Map Product' drop down menu in the upper left corner and clicking the name of the map you ordered (i.e. WY-BLM4GPS). Or you can Click 'View' > 'Map Product' and click the name of the map you ordered.

  17. Image of the 'Map Product' dropdown menu and the zoom tool

Part 4 - Uploading the map to your Garmin GPS (BaseCamp users)

  1. Open your BaseCamp program. With your GPS connected and turned on, BaseCamp will recognize your GPS unit and display it's information in the left hand part of your screen under 'Devices'. If you have an SD/microSD memory card in your GPS, this will also be displayed under 'Devices' as 'Removable Media' (Unless you have an eTrex, Rino, or GPSMAP series GPS)
  2. You can transfer maps to either your GPS's internal memory or to the external memory card (Removable Media). We will generally transfer maps to the external memory chip because of limitations on the internal memory of the GPS (see your GPS unit's specifications to find out how much internal memory your GPS has) [NOTE: Your Removable Disk may not be shown if you have an eTrex, Rino, or GPSMAP series GPS - this is normal - see the note in the next step]
  3. To transfer mapsets to the 'Removable Disk' (MicroSD card) you will need to right click on 'Removable Disk' or it's 'All Data' Folder under 'Devices' on the lefthand side of the screen. [NOTE: Your Removable Disk may not be shown if you have an eTrex, Rino, or GPSMAP series GPS - right click on your GPS unit's name, select 'Install Maps' and the maps will be sent to the Removable Disk]

  4. Image of a user installing maps to the GPS unit through Garmin BaseCamp

  5. Or access the Map Installer by going to 'Utilities' and 'Install Maps'.

  6. Image of a user installing maps through the 'Utilities' menu in Garmin BaseCamp

  7. A MapInstall Wizard Window will pop-up. Confirm that you have the correct device selected. If you have multiple maps, select continue to pick the maps you want to send to the GPS. If you only have one map just follow the steps that MapInstall provides.

  8. Image of the MapInstall Window

  9. In this window you can see all maps that can be installed on your GPS. To install the whole map, simply select the check box. Be sure to monitor the storage bar to make sure you have enough memory on your GPS. If your GPS doesn't have enough memory, you may have to use the Advanced/Partial Install button in the bottom left to select a smaller area of the map to install or clear some data from your device. Once you have selected all the maps you want to send to your GPS, press 'Continue'

  10. Image of a user selecting maps to install to their GPS unit through MapInstall

  11. Now select 'Install' to send the maps to your GPS.

  12. Image of the MapInstaller install window

  13. The mapset can take a while to be built and sent to your GPS (depending on how much memory is required to store the mapset).

  14. Image of the Garmin MapInstall process

  15. When it is done, you will get a successful message. Now you can disconnect your GPS and go enjoy your new maps!

  16. Image of a sucessful installation procedure in Garmin MapInstall