Advanced Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials

Tutorial: Importing and Exporting Waypoints and Tracks to and from your GPS and your Computer
Backup your valuable GPS waypoints that you have collected over the years! If you’ve never saved a waypoint or track from your GPS onto your computer, now is the time to learn. This tutorial will go through the steps of saving a .gdb file with waypoint & track information using Garmin’s BaseCamp software.

Tutorial: Trip Planning and Scouting from home. Creating Tracks and Waypoints in BaseCamp to send to your GPS
Have you ever made waypoints and tracks in BaseCamp and then sent them to your GPS? Well, if not this tutorial will walk you through that process. Now you can scout at home on your computer and then send valuable waypoints and tracks to your GPS for use in the field.

Tutorial: Using Google Earth to Create Tracks and Waypoints to send to your GPS
You can use satellite imagery in Google Earth to make waypoints and tracks to send to your GPS unit! This tutorial will walk you through the steps of scouting in Google Earth and making waypoints and tracks to send to your GPS. Now you can plan a hunt from the comfort of your home!

Garmin Learning Center Tutorials
Check out Garmin's Learning Center for great Tutorials on BaseCamp and using each specific GPS unit