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'Tales of the Campfire—Let Your Tale Be Told'

Group of men sitting around a campfire sharing tales about their successful hunt and use of Hunting GPS Maps Technology.
"onXMaps gives me the confidence to apply out of state in units I know next to nothing about. Using the chip I was able to navigate around private property and take my best buck to date. THANK YOU!"
-Tanner Kochevar
"So far it had been a struggle during the first two days of archery season. So we jumped in the truck and put rubber to gravel to find more birds. Late afternoon of day 2 found us glassing some longbeards on a new farm. Armed with only onXmaps and a gut feeling of where to be the next morning, you can imagine my emotions on first light of the third morning when this tree came into view and the woods started to wake."
-Jake Terry
"My grandpa and I were glassing four good bucks. We decided to put a stock on them. We both had tags. We got to within 50 yards of them and they winded us. They booked it up a canyon, we did too. We got up the canyon and saw a little 2 point standing there. My grandpa asked me if I wanted to shoot him. I said no, so we kept going. We took two steps and there was a deer. I didn't see any horn on him so I thought he was a doe. My grandpa said shoot him, so I shot. I hit him perfect. When he took off I finally seen his giant horns. He was huge. He scores 183 b&c typical."
-Brogan - Skyline Hunting
"I had seen this buck 3 times while driving to my hunting spot that wasn't producing many deer. I always thought it was private property until this app proved me wrong. I checked the map and was very excited that I might get a shot as this buck. Saturday evening of the last weekend he showed his face and the rest is history!!!"
-Tim Leary
"Just returned from a great public land hunt in Arizona on my Desert Mule Deer. I had a great trip and took my first ever in this species. Thank you for making great products and allowing me to represent and use them in the field."
-James Brennan
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