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Hunter's Handbook & IHEA have teamed up with onXmaps to bring you a deal on the best land ownership maps on the market! All 2016-17 IHEA Students and Instructors will receive a HUNT App Membership at 50% off retail price! Don't miss out on your opportunity to own one of the best hunting tools on the market. HUNT by onXmaps shows private land owner names and boundaries, color-coded public land information, hunting districts, Possible Access Lands including BMA, CWMU, Access Yes!, points of interest, and many more features, all at your fingertips!

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Product Reviews

Ratchetman—Verified User

Works Great!

I just used this to navigate around public and private land. I wouldn't have been able to make my way around the private property without this app. Three of us using this app on different phones had excellent results.

Jana Waller—Skull Bound TV

Hunt Smarter with This App

If there is one piece of equipment that has changed the way we hunt for the better it's the mapping system from onXmaps. We've found endless new public land hunting opportunities plus know the private landowner's names to gain permission. We never leave home without our maps saved into our phones. No cell service needed. It's brilliant!

Luis P.L.—Verified User

A Lifesaver

Using the online save feature, we had every map and map layer we needed to find a secluded, otherwise unmarked public honey hole that allowed us to fill 6 deer and antelope tags for three guys over just 7 hunting days. The kicker is that none of us live in the state we hunted, let alone have the means to scout there. I would absolutely buy this map subscription again!

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HUNT Features

Private Land Ownership

See Private Landowner Names and Property Boundaries so you can ask for permission

Public Land Ownership

Determine Public Hunting Lands by color-coded areas and label, so you always know where to hunt

Roads & Trails

Know Roads & Trails by Type, Name and Number, so you can determine the best access points

PALs Access

Identify Possible Access Lands (BMA, CWMU, IHAP, etc.) while in the field

Hunting Zones

Recognize Hunting Zones, Areas & Districts while knowing your location relative to zone boundaries

Points of Interest

Spot Camping, Wilderness Areas, Boat and Fishing Acess, and much more!


Find Water Bodies and Names using the multiple Basemaps available


See Real-Time Weather Radar, Forecasts & Warnings so you can plan ahead or while in the field


Know Fire Hazards around your hunting area and find those Burnt Out Spots before you get there


See State-Specific layers, Forest Service Visitor Maps, and tons more right at your fingertips