SD/MicroSD Chip vs HUNT Download Product for Garmin BaseCamp Comparison

We encourage all customers to buy the SD/MicroSD Chip version of our map, because of the advantages this product has over our downloadable HUNT product for Garmin's BaseCamp. For instance, the Chip not only works for your Garmin GPS, but it also works on your computer with Garmin's FREE BaseCamp software.

If you don't feel comfortable installing software onto your computer, our SD/MicroSD HUNT Chip is the product for you. You just insert the CHIP into your GPS, and then you are ready to go!

The HUNT Download for Garmin BaseCamp is an excellent choice for people who own a GPS that doesn't allow for SD/MicroSD Chips, or for those who only want our map product on their computer. If you are in a hurry to get our map product for your trip and don't have time to wait, then the HUNT Downloadable Product is the way to go, as you can download the map immediately following your purchase and unlock it for your GPS.

  SD/MicroSD Chip HUNT Download Product


  • Easy to use! Simply plug the memory chip into the memory chip slot on your GPS and go.
  • No downloading software and messing with the computer.
  • The CHIP can also be used to view the map on your computer through Garmin's FREE BaseCamp software (for Advanced Users). View the map on your computer to help find areas to hunt or scout before you hit the ground.
  • Easily update your Chip directly through our website each year.
  • Download version allows you to view the map on the computer, and then send the map to a GPS. View the map on your computer to help find areas to hunt or scout before you hit the ground.
  • Customers will receive one unlock code and can purchase additional unlock codes to add the map to other family member's GPS units.


  • Some GPS units don't take MicroSD or SD chips, so you will have to use our HUNT Downloadble Product.
  • Downloading and installing all the maps and necessary software can be difficult and time-consuming (but we do have instructions!)
  • For Advanced Users only
  • High Speed Internet required for these large file downloads
  • Priced higher than our SD/MicroSD product as we have a customer service team to lend support if you run into any trouble with the installation.