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The Story behind HUNT by onXmaps

Image of Eric Siegfried, founder of onXmaps.

"Welcome to onXmaps, where technology meets terrain! Growing up in Eastern Montana I continually struggled with navigating the sea of private and public property while out hunting. I knew that there had to be a better way to determine property boundaries while out in the field. I spent many long nights gathering data from as many sources as I could and developed a map of Montana for my GPS that showed public and private property, landowner names, topo, and other features that I needed while out hunting. This was the inspiration to start onXmaps and provide other sportsmen with their own easy-to-use, detailed, and updated maps for their GPS. Have you ever wanted to know if you were on public or private land, find new public lands that weren't marked, contact landowners, and just enjoy your precious days in the field with confidence? Well then I invite you to check out HUNT by onXmaps. We are committed to technology to enhance the best days of your life!"

Eric Siegfried—Founder

onXmaps & Team HUNT

You may know us by our old name, Hunting GPS Maps. in 2013, we closely evaluated the Hunting GPS Maps brand and decided that the name doesn't fit all of the different areas we would like to explore. In January 2014, we transitioned away from the Montana Mapping & GPS company name to a more fitting company name of onXmaps! We feel that onXmaps better describes what we do and allows us to easily expand into additional verticals. The idea behind onXmaps is that our products allow you to find your "X" whether it's a new hiking destination, an unknown hunting spot, or a sweet fishing hole, on whatever device you prefer. The onXmaps mission and values remain those core traits and deeply held perspectives that we've had from day one.

Along with the umbrella company name change, our main product line, Hunting GPS Maps, received a facelift as well. With the release of our HUNT App products, we've taken a hard look and decided that using the HUNT branding was stronger and allows us to expand to additional devices more elegantly. The Hunting GPS Maps product name has transitioned to HUNT by onXmaps while HUNT Map automatically become a part of the Team HUNT Family. This new naming convention is helping us educate hunting map users about our hunting-specific product and creating involvement in the hunting community, while still allowing us to explore the other areas in which we see potential.

About the Product

HUNT by onXmaps is uniquely different than any other product out there. What makes our product unique is the fact we have taken the time to find the best data from the most reliable sources. In many cases we have gathered and organized data from over 15 different sources to make a single statewide map. The maps have many detailed layers of information that would be way too cluttered to try to display on a paper map. But with the layering and zooming capability of the GPS, we're able to fill the map full of useful names and property information, yet keep the display clean and organized. It's this quality of data, amount of data, and organization of it all that sets us apart.

Our Mission

The mission of onXmaps is to provide customers with the most current and accurate land ownership mapping information available, and present this information in user-friendly and intuitive ways; with the ultimate goal of creating confidence for our map users.