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HUNT Premium Membership

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HUNT Premium Membership

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12-Month Membership Per State

Sync between and access on Mobile and Computer

Land Owner Names & Boundaries

Color-coded Public & Private Lands

Roads & Trails

Hunting Areas

GPS Functionality

Save Maps (Cache for Offline)

Includes GPS Chip Updates

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HUNT Overview

HUNT Premium Membership for Mobile & Computer

Get the same great map data you're used to on your GPS, now available for your smartphone, tablet, and computer! Available for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, as well as on your computer. Every feature you could want in the field, GPS membership advantages include:

  • Turn Your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a powerful GPS
  • 12-Month membership—get nationwide trails data, public and private landownership and more!
  • Save Maps for Offline Use when out of cell coverage
  • Pinpoint private land owner names and property boundaries so you can request access permission
  • Navigate confidently around private lands you're not allowed to hunt
  • Search for landowners by name—view all parcels they own in an area
  • Map your best route with 24K topographical basemaps and slope heat maps
  • Retrieve data quickly—all data is hosted on dedicated onXmaps map servers
  • Customize your map by turning Map Layers and Basemaps on and off depending on your activity
  • Create Geotagged Photo Waypoints and Customized Waypoints
  • Sync Waypoints, Tracks, Measurements between your devices
  • HUNT lighter! We've combined all your paper maps into a much more customizable digital map suite onto an iOS and Android GPS app.

Find yourself hunting more than one state? Check out our 50-state Elite Membership!

onXmaps HUNT Memberships

It's obvious, our 50-state Elite Membership is by far the greatest deal!

*Private land ownership data and other features may not be available through the HUNT App for all states/counties or on all HUNT App Membership Plans. Please see our Plat Coverage Map for additional information.

PLAT Coverage
Map Features

HUNT Map Layers

  • Private Landowner Names, Boundaries, and Tax Address
  • Public Lands: Nationwide Federal and State (the most accurate and complete nationwide dataset ever created)
  • Trail and Trailhead locations, names and numbers
  • Geographic and Recreational Point of Interests
  • Water Data such as rivers, creeks, and lakes with flow direction
  • Weather and Radar
  • Campgrounds and secluded Campsites
  • National Forest Visitor Maps (save thousands $$$ on paper maps!)
  • Motor Vehicle Roads and Trails (MVUM) displaying National Forest System (NFS) Routes (roads and trails) open to motorized travel
  • Nationwide USFS Roads
  • Nationwide USFS Trails and Wilderness
  • USGS Gage Stations
  • USGS Snotel (snowfall measurements)
  • Wildfire Historic Perimeters
  • Active Fires
  • Possible Access Lands for each State (BMAs, Access Yes!, and more!)
  • Other State-Specific Hunting Map Layers

HUNT Basemaps

  • USGS Topo (Quads)
  • Aerial Imagery
  • Imagery + Topo Hybrid
  • OpenStreetMap
  • World Topo
  • World Imagery
  • World Streets
  • USA Topo Maps
  • Gray Canvas
  • Dark Gray Canvas
  • Ocean BaseMap
  • and many more!

App Functions

GPS Functionality Right on Your Phone or Tablet

  • GPS Location
  • Mark Waypoints
  • Tracks
  • Compass Mode
  • View elevation profiles
  • Save Maps for Offline

Tracking Functionality

  • Distance
  • Time
  • Speed
  • See your track right on the map

Markups and Draw Tools

  • Place points on the map
  • Geotag photos
  • Use custom HUNT waypoint symbols
  • Draw lines
  • Draw shapes

Measure Tools

  • Distances
  • Perimeters
  • Areas


  • Places
  • Landowners
  • Address
  • Long/Lat

'Use Saved Maps' Mode

  • Forces the app to use your saved maps when in areas of low cell signal
  • Saves on battery life

Free Trial

You may try our full featured map subscription for 7 days for the state of your choice. Only one 7 day trial is allowed, and this trial is only good for one state of your choice from our available states. This will give you a chance to try all of the amazing features, map layers, and functionality our subscription has to offer.


As land ownership, hunting areas, and other map data change we will update the map data on our servers. This new map data will automatically be loaded to your HUNT App without you having to do anything!


onXmaps delivers an Auto-Renew feature to keep all of your information up to date and accessible in real-time and with no lapses. Auto-Renew protects your HUNT Membership, essential map data, and other services from a lapse in service or deletion.

  • Gives you more control and peace of mind, knowing that your saved maps, waypoints, essential map data, and other features and functions are safely renewing year after year
  • Simplifies your map update process by continually updating your HUNT Membership with new features and functions, ensuring you always have the most recent and up-to-date data at your fingertips.
  • Ensures your HUNT App will continue to work when you are off-grid (offline) so you don’t lose any saved maps.

*For more information, please see our End User License Agreement and Cancellation Policy

Compatibility & Sync

  • One membership gives you access to Android, iOS, (tablet and phone) and any computer online at
  • The computer maps are compatible with most major browsers (Chrome and Safari)
  • One membership gives you access to unlimited devices*—Use on your phone, tablet, and computer. It’s OK if they are cross-platform (Android or iOS)
  • New phone? No problem. Simply log in to your account and access all your map content that is automatically saved to your account
  • New computer? Same story. Simply log in to your account and access all your map content that is automatically saved to your account and synced between platforms
  • Your tracks, photos, waypoints, and maps are automatically synced to all your devices

*Note: You can be logged into 2 devices at a time.


onXmaps is constantly growing its team of dedicated GIS technicians who pour over government and state land data to bring you the most up-to-date land information available. However, because of the perpetual change in property ownership, and the data compilation methods used by government agencies, some ownership data may be subject to error.

These maps are for reference purposes only and no representation is made or warranty given as to their content or usability. onXmaps offers no guarantee on the accuracy of property ownership and boundaries as these maps do not constitute a legal survey. If you need the definitive description of a property, please seek the legal landowner deed at a county courthouse, or official land records through select state, or Federal agencies.