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HUNT Northwest for Garmin

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Map Coverage: Washington, Oregon, Idaho

Color-coded Public Lands

24k Topo

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Game Management & Wildlife Management Units

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HUNT Overview

HUNT Northwest GPS Hunting Map Features

  • Northwest Region-specific (WA, OR, ID) for GPS hunting map
  • Color-coded land ownership data in GPS hunting map:
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
    • US Forest Service
    • State Land
    • State Parks
    • State Forests
    • State Wildlife Management Areas
    • National Park Service
    • US Fish & Wildlife (National Wildlife Refuges)
    • Indian Reservations shown in GPS hunting map
    • Department of Defense
    • Corps of Engineers
    • Bureau of Reclamation (BOR)
    • County Land
    • Local Parks for hunting North West
    • Colleges, universities, and associated lands
    • Local government
    • Timber Company Lands—see state specific features below
    • Non-profit Open Space Lands—see state specific features below
    • Much more!
  • Wilderness Area boundaries shown in GPS hunting map
  • Section lines and numbers (T24N R34E 12)
  • 24k topo in hunting North West maps
  • City parks, county open space shown in hunting North West maps
  • Roads—Highways, city and county roads, USFS roads, state lands roads, National Wildlife Refuge roads—see more state specific roads below
  • Trails—National Forest trails, National Park trails, US Fish & Wildlife trails, OSM trails, state park trails, the Pacific Northwest Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail—see more state specific trails below
  • Geographic names shown in hunting North West maps—Cities, towns, summits, ridges, valleys, canyons, bays, channels
  • Water—detailed data on rivers & streams, lakes, wetlands, rapids, tidal areas, springs, and waterfalls
  • Bathymetry—Depth contours in many waterbodies including the Pacific Ocean, Puget Sound, and the Columbia River—see more state specific features below
  • Fishing access sites (boat ramps)
  • Airports—with current FAA data
  • Microbrewery locations shown in hunting North West maps
  • Disc golf locations
  • Campgrounds, RV Campgrounds shown in hunting North West maps
  • Popular Scuba Diving areas

Washington Specific GPS Hunting Map Features:

  • Private Lands Hunting Opportunities (PLHO - Feel Free to Hunt, Register to Hunt, Hunt by Written Permission, or Hunt by Reservation lands), Access Points, and Safety Zones
  • Game management unit boundaries in GPS hunting map
  • Timber Company Lands—Public access timberlands such as Plum Creek, Broughton Lumber, SDS Lumber, Western Pacific Timber, Grandy Lake Forest Associates, the Seefeld Corp, Trillium Corp, Stimson, Sierra Pacific (aka RH Emmerson & Son), and Hampton Affiliates (aka Mid-Valley Resources); Weyerhaeuser lands (without specific tree farm regulations), Pope Resources and ORM lands (also without area-specific regulations) and potential permit/lease properties like those owned by Hancock Timber, Arden Tree Farms, Port Blakely Tree Farms, Rayonier, the Green Diamond Resource Company, and Campbell Global
  • Non-profit Open Space Lands—potential public access (hunting rights vary) on lands owned by the Cascade Land Conservancy (aka Forterra), the Whatcom Land Trust, the Nature Conservancy, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, the Great Peninsula Conservancy, the Cowiche Canyon Conservancy, the Lummi Island Heritage Trust, the Hoh River Trust, the San Juan Preservation Trust, and the Capitol, Columbia, Chelan-Douglas, Nisqually, Whidbey Camano, Jefferson, and Bainbridge Island Land Trusts
  • Roads—BLM roads, roads on publicly accessible timberlands
  • Trails—BLM trails, mountain biking trails, local park trails, state forest trails, the Columbia Plateau Trail, the Seattle area Interurban Trail, the John Wayne Pioneer (aka Iron Horse) Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Bathymetry—20-foot depth contours in many lakes throughout the state, the Pacific Ocean and the Puget Sound. Do not use for navigation.
  • Public beach access sites
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers shipwreck sites

Oregon Specific GPS Hunting Map Features:

  • ODFW Access and Habitat Program Properties
  • Wildlife Management Unit boundaries shown in hunting North West maps
  • Timber Companies (Check ODF’s corporate closure webpage for current access restrictions. Possible public access shown on lands owned by Hampton Affiliates, Stimson, SDS Lumber, Menasha Forest Products, Plum Creek (except specific counties), Port Blakely, Seneca Jones, JWTR (including lands purchased by Green Diamond), Collins Timber, ORM, Roseburg, and more! Potential permit or lease access shown on Weyerhaeuser/Longview, Plum Creek (in Lincoln, Polk, Benton & Lane counties), Hancock Timber, Cascade Timberlands, Rosboro, Campbell Global, FIA, RMK, and more!)
  • Non-profit Open Space Lands (Possible access on lands owned by the Nature Conservancy, the Western Rivers Conservancy, the Greenbelt and Columbia Land Trusts, Friends of the Columbia Gorge, and more!)
  • Power Companies (Access shown on Portland General Electric and Pacificorp parks)
  • Roads—BLM roads, National Park roads, state forest roads, state park roads, state trust land roads, roads on publicly accessible timberlands
  • Trails—BLM trails, Metro trails, county park trails, rail trails, mountain biking trails, the Oregon Coast Trail, the Desert Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail
  • Bathymetry—Depth contours in Crater Lake, Columbia River, Henry Hagg Lake, Detroit Lake, Warm Springs Reservoir, Prineville Reservoir, Beulah Reservoir, Bully Creek Reservoir, Keene Creek Reservoir, and in the Pacific Ocean. Do not use for navigation
  • United States Army Corps of Engineers shipwreck sites
  • Public Beach Access Sites
  • Forest Service fencelines

Idaho Specific Map Features:

  • 2015 Access Yes! Properties
  • Game Management Unit boundaries for GPS hunting shown in North West maps
  • Timber Company Lands (Public access shown on Western Pacific, Stimson Lumber, and Potlatch’s southern timberlands; permit access shown on Inland Empire Paper, Bennett Lumber, and Potlatch’s northern properties; and potential lease access shown on former US Forest Capital lands)
  • Roads—National Park Service roads, updated National Forest roads in Idaho Panhandle
  • Trails—USFS motorized trails, ski runs, statewide bicycling trails, the Trail of the Coeur d’Alenes, the Idaho Centennial Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail
  • Bathymetry—Arrowrock Reservoir, Anderson Ranch Reservoir, Bear Lake, Lake Cascade, Deadwood Reservoir, Lake Lowell, Lake Waha
  • BLM fencelines

Take advantage of all the information right on your mapping device! A legend is unnecessary on all digital hunting maps since all the data is easily accessible right on the map.

PLAT Coverage

Version 15.0

Released on: Nov 12, 2015


  • Updated land ownership regionwide
  • Updated Washington Private Lands Hunting Opportunities (PLHO) Lands, Safety Zones, and Access Points
  • Updated Washington Private Lands Hunting Opportunities (PLHO) Parking Points
  • Updated Washington Game Management Units
  • Updated Washington Bighorn Sheep, Deer, Elk, Moose and Mountain Goat Hunt Units (only visible when selecting point on GPS)
  • Washington water features update: traced the new course of the White Salmon River through former Northwestern Lake, and created new tidal island features in the Skagit River Delta
  • Added Oregon Access and Habitat Program Properties
  • Updated Oregon Wildlife Management Units
  • Updated to Idaho Access Yes! Properties
  • Updated Idaho Game Management Unit Boundaries
  • Created a unique color code for State Parks, State Forests, State Fish & Wildlife, State universities, local parks, Corps of Engineers, Dams
  • Edited color code for Bureau of Reclamation
  • New color codes for timberlands differentiate between those that allow public access and those that are available by permit or lease only
  • Many improvements to geographic names. These include showing more city/town names at appropriate scale ranges, as well as more intuitive depictions of landscape features
  • New point of interest icons for campgrounds, trailheads, picnic areas, cabins, springs, fishing accesses, dispersed campsites, and many more!
  • Updated 24k topo
  • Highlighted more public access on Sierra Pacific owned timberlands, multiple smaller companies
  • Highlighted more non-profit lands with public access (note: these areas have varying hunting regulations and many do not allow hunting)
  • Improved transportation network to symbolize different road types appropriately (particularly backroads versus more driveable county roads), reduce overlap in roads and trails, to add additional trails in national forest and tens of thousands more miles of BLM roads in public land and privately accessible timberlands
  • Improvements to water features make them more visible and show them at appropriate scale ranges

Version 13.1

Released on: Nov 13, 2013


  • Added inholding parcels within reservations in WA to help you determine tribal land vs. private land
  • Combined many roads and trails data sets to create the most comprehensive and detailed backroads dataset ever created for Washington! Updated the roads and trails layers to clean up doubled features. Improved transportation network including the Pacific Crest Trail, USFS and National Park trails, BLM OHV routes and backroads
  • Improved and updated water features. Added names to most rivers and other waterbodies
  • Added Custom Waypoint symbols for Hunting
  • Updated WA public lands

Version 13.0

Released on: Sep 11, 2013


  • Updated to 2013 Washington GMUs
  • Updated to 2013 Oregon WMUs
  • Updated to 2013 Idaho GMUs
  • Updated to 2013 Idaho Access Yes Properties

Version 12.0

Released on: Apr 24, 2012


  • Updated Public Land Data to March 2012
  • Fixed numerous public land boundary changes in Washington State
  • Changed display of Section Lines to make them lighter
  • Changed display of GMU/WMU boundaries to make them easier to see
  • Changed the color and line style of the closed roads to clean up the map in areas with many old roads. These roads are now a light gray dashed line instead the thicker white and brown colored line.
  • Updated WA states GMU boundaries
System Requirements

View our GPS Compatibility page for more information on system requirements and GPS Unit compatibility with HUNT by onXmaps products.


We concentrate our efforts to providing the most current and accurate property boundaries and ownership available. These maps are for Reference Purposes only. Always obey property postings and use common sense to visually verify boundaries. Data is taken from the most current state and national government agency's land survey data. Because of the data compilation methods used by state agencies and Montana Mapping & GPS, LLC, the data is subject to error. No representation is made or warranty given as to its content or usability. User assumes all risk of use. These data do not constitute a legal survey; when seeking the definitive description of real property, consult the deed recorded at the local county courthouse or official land records in the respective federal or state agencies.

You can read more about Garmin GPS Unit accuracy on the Garmin website


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