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HUNT Membership Features

Private Land Ownership

See Private Landowner Names and Property Boundaries so you can ask for permission

Public Land Ownership

Determine Public Hunting Lands by color-coded areas and label, so you always know where to hunt

Roads & Trails

Know Roads & Trails by Type, Name and Number, so you can determine the best access points

PALs Access

Identify Possible Access Lands (BMA, CWMU, IHAP, etc.) while in the field

Hunting Zones

Recognize Hunting Zones, Areas & Districts while knowing your location relative to zone boundaries

Points of Interest

Spot Camping, Wilderness Areas, Boat and Fishing Access, and much more!


Find Water Bodies and Names using the multiple Basemaps available


See Real-Time Weather Radar, Forecasts & Warnings so you can plan ahead or while in the field


Know Fire Hazards around your hunting area and find those Burnt Out Spots before you get there


See State-Specific layers, Forest Service Visitor Maps, and tons more right at your fingertips

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HUNT App Functions

Save Maps for Offline

Going way into the backcountry? Not a problem! The HUNT App lets you save map layers and basemaps to take with you when off-grid. Using the GPS hardware already on in your phone or tablet, you can see Saved Map Layers while always knowing your location on the map! It is easy and worth it to always have map data available at your fingertips.

  • Save Maps for offline use: When going out of cellular coverage area and continue to know your location while using the HUNT App offline
  • The App will continue to run in the background while you Save Your Maps, so you don't have to worry about missing that important phone call
  • Always know your location: The HUNT App will always know your GPS location even without cellular coverage
  • Always Save Map over Wifi: Save maps faster by using a Wifi connection
  • When Saving have all the layers you want activated: Always have Map Layers you want to save active, you can turn them off later if you don’t need them

HUNT Web Map


All the information available on your App is now available on the big screen of your home computer.

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See the perks of a HUNT Membership for mobile and computer by starting your FREE trial today! With all 50 states available, you're sure to find your old stomping grounds or even a new honey hole visible over several different basemaps including Aerial Imagery, 24k Topo, Hybrid, and more. Save your maps for when you're out of cell service and never be without HUNT. Create an account, select your state (don’t worry you can check out up to three states during your 7-day trial), and HUNT!

Whether you hunt out your back door or are scouting other opportunities across the country, a HUNT Membership has exactly what you need. If you hunt more than one state and want access to more map features and tools you should get the very best, a HUNT Elite Membership. If you hunt only one state, HUNT Premium Membership could be the Membership for you. Check out the information below to gain a better understanding between the different HUNT Membership options.

HUNT Testimonials

Randy Newberg

"The 'blind squirrel' theory applies here, but a perfect testimony to how the onXmaps apps have changed my hunting. This bull, along with two other 300+ six points and a herd of 25 cows were bedding on a piece of BLM that was 1.5 miles long and only a quarter mile wide. Surrounded by private land sanctuaries on three sides, it was a crossing and bedding area. Though touching a county road most hunters drove by thinking it was too small to hold good elk. Someone forgot to tell the elk it was too small. Thanks for such a great product."

Jason Matzinger

"Found this guy in a sweet little corner of the world I've never been in before. Thank you for the confidence you give me to hunt the edges of patrolled private property."

Neil Hauger

"I have used the onXmaps HUNT App on my iPhone for a while now. As a Land Specialist for Whitetail Properties, it is an indispensable tool while I am in the woods or on a farm I am selling. I feel it gives me an added sense of professionalism in the eyes of my customers as I show them the properties. I use the app dozens of times a day when I am in the field. I have even used it to locate the owners of rental properties I am personally interested in while I am driving or walking neighborhoods in my target market."

HUNT Membership Coverage

Use this handy map to know what Private Land Ownership information is available for your state.

Automatic Map Updates

Active HUNT Members get automatic updates for the HUNT App, Web Map and even free update for the HUNT Chip. You never need to worry about the accuracy of your maps when you subscribe to HUNT.