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Visit us on your desktop computer to take advantage of our HUNT Update Process. You can also contact our Customer Service department for assistance.

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All HUNT map versions are updated on an annual basis (subversions throughout the year) with new land ownership, property boundaries, GPS functionality, HUNT features, and more!

Installing the Update is Easy!

Once you've purchased a HUNT Map Update, you are eligible for the most current version and subversion(s) of your HUNT Map. As a Team HUNT Member, we will email when a new version/subversion(s) become available for download.

To get started, click one of the buttons below. YOU ONLY NEED TO CREATE AN ACCOUNT IF YOU PURCHASED YOUR HUNT CHIP AT A RETAIL LOCATION (CABELA'S, SPORTSMAN'S WAREHOUSE, ETC.) If you purchased your HUNT Chip or Download Map through, you already have an account and can click the Orange button below to sign in.

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What to expect

  • 1 Select the desired state
  • 2 Choose the HUNT Map platform (GPS Chip)
  • 3 Select the HUNT Map you want to update
  • 4 Proceed with checkout while creating a Team HUNT account

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What to expect

  • 1 Log in using your Team HUNT email and password (Forgot your Password?)
  • 2 Add available HUNT Map Update(s) to your shopping cart
  • 3 Proceed with checkout and start the easy-to-do update process

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2 Select A Product Platform

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