We have something you are looking for, but better!

Our applogies, but the product you are looking for has been discontinued but what we really mean is that it's even better now!

Our Premium statewide maps for your GPS and Computer show all Public Lands in your state!  If that isn't enough they also show Private Land as well including parcel boundaries and Land Owner Names. 

Map Features

Have the confidence in the field to be a better hunter and make ethical decisions. Our Maps have the same look and feel as standard BLM maps but with additional features:

  • Land owner names with property boundaries
  • Color coded public and private lands
  • 24K topographic functionality
  • Section lines and numbers
  • Roads (hwy, city, back-roads, trails)
  • Water data (lakes, rivers, creeks, springs)
  • National Forest roads and trails
  • Geographic features and names
  • Game Management or Hunting Units
  • State specific features (WMA, WPA, CWMU)

Kit Image

Field Benefits

  • Discover little-known, seldom-hunted public land.
  • Pinpoint private landowners by parcel so you can request access.
  • Navigate confidently around private lands you're not allowed to hunt.
  • Easily identify big game hunting unit boundaries.
  • Always Know Your Location in the field right on your GPS.
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