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Hunting GPS Maps Has A New Name!

By onXmaps 4 years ago 24437 Views 3 comments
onXmaps and HUNT Map logos

onXmaps & TEAM HUNT

Montana Mapping and GPS, LLC (now onXmaps) has seen some exciting times in recent months. One notable item being closely looked at is the Montana Mapping and GPS, LLC & Hunting GPS Maps brand itself. In 2014, we will be transitioning away from the Montana Mapping & GPS company name to a more fitting company name of onXmaps! We feel that onXmaps better describes what we do and allows us to easily expand into additional verticals. The idea behind onXmaps is that our products allow you to find your "X" whether it's a new hiking destination, an unknown hunting spot, or a sweet fishing hole, on whatever device you prefer. The onXmaps mission and values remain those core traits and deeply held perspectives that we've had from day one.

Along with the umbrella company name change, our main product line, Hunting GPS Maps, will be receiving a facelift as well. With the release of our HUNT App products, we've taken a hard look and decided that using the HUNT branding was stronger and allows us to expand to additional devices more elegantly. The Hunting GPS Maps product name has transitioned to HUNT by onXmaps while HUNT Map users will automatically become part of TEAM HUNT. This new naming convention is helping us educate hunting map users about our hunting-specific product while creating involvement in the hunting community.

Over the next several weeks, you will see us transition to the new branding and you will soon be hearing more about onXmaps and TEAM HUNT. We will still provide the same level of great service through the transition and nothing about your account or subscribed maps will change.

What's Next For onXmaps?

Here are some things you might expect to see in 2014:

  • Plat Coverage in many more Eastern & Midwestern States
  • Customized HUNT waypoints — no need to type in your waypoints, just choose the icon that suits you best
  • Industry-leading backroads and trails data
  • Enhancements to our existing product lines including the HUNT App for Mobile Devices
  • New product lines — Let us know which onXmaps product you want to discover next!

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Team HUNT 2 years ago at 9:30 AM
Thanks for the feedback! We'll take these into consideration.
Most customers value our products for the accurate and current public and private land ownership information. It takes a lot of man power to sift through ownership information and fix the many inaccuracies you will find in our competitors products. We need to remain focused on our mission and continue to provide the most accurate land ownership maps for the whole nation. We'll look into routing in the future!
Bob McClaskey 2 years ago at 9:30 AM
Hi Eric and the crew,
I've mentioned this before, but it would be nice to see my Washington Plat map with routable capability. Your customers with SD cards normally can't add the Garmin 24K Topo map under your map because you tell your customers not to add maps to the SD card. Most older units don't have the internal memory to allow another map so they can't route when only using your card. I buy your downloadable map and I install it with the Garmin Topo 24K map and I run your map on top of the Garmin map; therefore, I can route. Unless I've missed a statement, I don't think you warn customers about this when you sell them the SD version.
Dennis Stine 2 years ago at 9:30 AM
Why not loose the 20' contour interval on the 24k maps. They are only clutter as most 24K maps had only 40' contours to begin with. More is not better in this mapping world.