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New USA Roads Layer in The App

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 1 years ago 5431 Views No comments
onXmaps Roads Layer onXmaps Roads Layer

It is finally here! After three years of poring over government and state maps, onXmaps is announcing the release of the new USA Roads map layer. This new layer brings specific road data across the country. Roads ranging from highways to forest service roads to backroads are available for every state, without losing clarity.

The layer's initial focus was adding roads most people don't know about it, to help people find new ways to get into the woods. Forest service, BLM and skid roads are now readily available and clearly defined in red.

onXmaps GIS technician, Adam Potts, said because of the sheer amount of data collection involved, the map layer is uncomparable to any digitized road maps on the market. The GIS team pored over road data from census bureaus, forest service maps, department of transportation, department of natural resources and other agencies, adding adding millions of miles of paved and off road data. The project took the team three years to complete and they will continue to add more information as it comes in.

Roads Layer App Screenshot Roads Layer App Screenshot
“This layer intuitively shows different types of roads and helps you decide when to leave the pavement in search of your next adventure,” Potts said, "You will be surprised where you can go".

Potts said the layer is best used with the Satellite Imagery Basemap, to show the area the road travels, and in addition to the land ownership layer to determine what kind of public access new roads lead to. Users can see Road Names and discern types by the patterns on the map.

The new roads layer uploads automatically to all member accounts, without any effort, or extra updates. However, you may need to add the layer to your map specifically by pushing the Add Layer icon within the Nation header.

Roads Layer App Screenshot Roads Layer App Screenshot

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