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All 50 States in one Package: The New Elite Membership is Here

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 10 months ago 110711 Views 17 comments
HUNT Elite Membership HUNT Elite Membership

HUNT Across Borders: New Elite Membership Gives You Access to Every State

Announcing a new element to the HUNT product lineup! onXmaps has provided hunters with the most in depth land data for the state of their choice for over five years. Until now, though, hunters who regularly chase game across state lines needed a Membership to multiple states to map their hunts across the country. onXmaps HUNT is proud to announce an end to that, by introducing the HUNT Elite Membership.

With the HUNT Elite Membership, hunters get the best mapping data available for all 50 states on their HUNT product on mobile devices and on computers, along with all the features offered with all the HUNT Premium, single state, Memberships.

Elite Membership is available for mobile devices for when you’re in the field, but also home computers when it’s time to scout that new mountain range on the other side of the country!

You can purchase a yearlong HUNT Elite Membership for $99, or a month-to-month HUNT Elite Membership for only $14.99.

"I'm excited to finally launch a nationwide membership to hunters who can't get enough by just staying in their home state," said CEO Eric Siegfried. "The team has prepared for two years to make this happen and we can’t wait for our customers to use these detailed maps."

Want to know the variations between the HUNT Membership line-up? Check out this handy comparison table:

HUNT Membership Comparison Table HUNT Membership Comparison Table

Do you HUNT more than one state? Go Elite now!

Already have a HUNT Premium App Membership and want to upgrade?

Credits will be given to anyone looking to upgrade their Premium Membership to Elite, depending on how many states you are subscribed to and how much time is left before your next renewal. To learn more check out our credit chart and please call Customer Support at 406.540.1602 to upgrade today! *HUNT Elite is available on HUNT Memberships, which includes mobile and computer use. It is not available on chip prouducts.

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Miguel 9 months ago at 1:56 PM
How do i get on my gps
Nick Canonici 9 months ago at 11:07 PM
If you have elite you get all 50 states.........but I can't get the chip for Md.....why?
-onXmaps (Administrator) 9 months ago at 8:34 AM
Hey Nick,
Sorry for the inconvenience. To be honest with you, there is very little demand for chips in those states that we do not have them available for yet.
Here is a link that will allow you to select that state and "Request a Map":

The more requests we get, the more likely we are to create a chip for that state! Thank you for your continued support.
Dave 9 months ago at 8:53 AM
What is being asked is why can't you put it on a chip, some do not have or want a smart phone and would rather use a gps. It is not that there state is not covered by a chip currently. If you have the data available in a all 50 state why can't it be put on a chip?
Jake 9 months ago at 10:40 AM
Yea that's BS false advertising...
Randy Mayes 9 months ago at 6:08 AM
I have both WI and SD. The WI has always worked fine. I recently got the SD map. It shows everything but private landowners. It is checked in the options. I tried unchecking and rechecking it. Still no luck. Suggestions???
rod j 8 months ago at 6:31 AM
I'd like to know the answer on this as I'm heading out to South Dakota and need to know private lands.
onXmaps 8 months ago at 7:50 AM
Randy and Rod, many counties in South Dakota do not keep sufficient enough records of private landownership for us to collect. We receive our private parcel data from the state and county. However we are working on improving the coverage in South Dakota and trying to collect the most current and accurate data possible.
Chuck M 7 months ago at 12:05 PM
It would be nice if you had an option to buy a chip and get access online. Even better to allow waypoints to synch between onXmaps online and chip updates.
onXmaps (Administrator) 2 months ago at 8:26 AM
When you purchase a HUNT Chip now, it comes with a redemption code for one year of the HUNT Membership! You can redeem that code and gain access on your phone, tablet, and computer as well as receive free HUNT Chip updates. If you need help transferring waypoints, please contact our Customer Service and they will be able to help you out!
Bk 7 months ago at 7:34 AM
I have lost my markups twice by doing exactly what customer service said to do (after I waited days for my answer) Been waiting two days now to see if I can get a refund of my "elite" membership.
onXmaps (Administrator) 2 months ago at 8:27 AM
I apologize for any issues or delay. Please let us know if you need any further assistance. 406-540-1600.
Eric Jano 6 months ago at 12:35 AM
Does my elite membership auto-renew at the end of my first month of service? I cannot find anywhere to "unsubscribe" prior to an auto renewal so I am guessing that my service will not automatically renew at the end of my service term?
Adam 2 months ago at 7:28 PM
Did you figure it out cause I'm having a hard time with it
onXmaps (Administrator) 2 months ago at 8:33 AM
Eric and Adam,
Please contact Customer Support and we will be able to help you out if you are still having issues or have questions! 406-540-1600 or you can email

You can cancel your Membership at any time. Please note that you must cancel your Membership at least 24 hours before it renews for a subsequent period in order to avoid being charged for the next period's Membership fee. Uninstalling an app will not automatically stop your Membership.
LeRoy 6 days ago at 6:22 PM
If I upgrade to elite will it also update my gosh chip for the State it covers?
onXmaps (Administrator) 5 days ago at 8:12 AM
Hey LeRoy,
If you update to ELITE, you will be able to update any of our chips that you have at no additional cost!