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The New Face of the American Hunter

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor | Photo Credit: Cavan Williams 12 days ago 3743 Views 1 comment
The New Face of the American Hunter

Briger and her mom are both members of the fastest growing demographic in hunting, women. According to the National Census Bureau, the amount of women hunting increased by 25 percent between 2006 and 2011.

The number is still roughly 19 percent of the hunting community in total, but the upward trend is a sign of a thriving heritage.

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Infected: How Invasive Mussels Threaten More Than Just Montana's Waters

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 2 months ago 3002 Views No comments
Infected: Invasive Species in Montana

An ecological disaster landed in Montana last November, when tests confirmed the existence of invasive Quagga mussels in the Tiber Reservoir, 80 miles north of Great Falls.

The mussels present a serious ecological and economic threat to Montana. It's another chapter to an invasive nightmare, which has decimated native fish populations and damaged dams and other aquatic infrastructure, across the country.

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Into Alaska

By Jason Matzinger—onXmaps Elite Staffer 2 months ago 10037 Views No comments
Into Alaska Jason Matzinger

I was offered a cancellation hunt through an outfitter, after a client backed out, and had very little time to plan such a massive hunt.

I was packed and headed to Alaska a month later. Presenting Into Alaska...

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Best in the West: The Most Coveted Hunting Tags for Every Western State

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 2 months ago 5526 Views 1 comment
Hunting Tags Western States

In the upcoming months tag applications are due across many western states.

Hunters across the country, including us at onXmaps, are already dreaming about seeing the word successful next to their drawing statuses.

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Product Announcement: Chip Updates for GPS Now Included in HUNT Membership

By onXmaps 2 months ago 9695 Views 24 comments
HUNT Chip Announcement

For all Chip users looking to improve their mapping experience, onXmaps has exciting news. Now all active HUNT Memberships will include Chip Updates at no additional cost.

The GPS Chip combined with access to the HUNT Membership for Mobile and Computer allows users to use every platform onXmaps offers...

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Public Lands, On the Line

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 3 months ago 8413 Views No comments
The Battle for Public Lands - Montana Rally

The Capitol building in Helena, Mont. was a sea of camo and blaze orange during the rally for public lands on Monday afternoon, January 30, 2017.

Hunters, cowboys, hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts packed together, elbow to elbow, with signs and banners all condemning the sale of federal public lands...

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A Montana Twofer

By Rex Wolferman—onXmaps Pro Staff 5 months ago 6163 Views 3 comments
A Montana Twofer

The bull was over 500 yards away, trailing a small herd of cows. Too far for my rifle. I swapped rifles with Dylan, knowing his 7mm would get the job done.

I pulled the bipod legs out and laid prone in the dirt...

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The Reality of Expectations

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 5 months ago 2488 Views 3 comments
Photo taken by Nicole Belke

Dad has a patience for deer and the woods unmatched for society and crowds. I was beyond excited when he bought his tag for Montana. I had not hunted with him in five years and would finally get to show him what the snow covered peaks of Montana had to offer.

He walks slow in the woods. A kind of slow which only comes with age and experience.

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Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for Hunters

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 6 months ago 8101 Views 1 comment
Holiday Gift Guide: Top 10 Gift Ideas for Hunters

The holiday season is rearing its daunting head, which means planning gifts for the hunters in your family. Gift planning doesn’t have to be an arduous journey through shopping centers and online advertisements, however.

We have compiled a list of 10 gift ideas for the outdoorsmen and women in your family.

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Wild Game Thanksgiving Recipes

By Cavan Williams—onXmaps Content Editor 6 months ago 1463 Views 1 comment
Thanksgiving Wile Game Recipes

Hunters were the providers for the first Thanksgiving and to commemorate their contributions hunters should try and stay out of the grocery store this year and look to nature’s pantry for an authentic feast.

Luck permitting of course.

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