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HUNT maps on iPhone, Android, computer, and GPS devices
  • Land owner names with property boundaries*
  • Color-coded public and private lands
  • Topographical functionality—24k
  • Game Management and Hunting Units
  • State specific features—WMA, WPA
  • Roads—hwy, city, back-roads, trails
  • Water Data—lakes, rivers, creeks, streams

"We used the New Mexico maps on an archery hunt. Amazing how it guided us through the checkerboard of private and public. We had the area all to ourselves, once we negotiated the land ownership. Shot a bull at two yards."

-Randy Newberg—TV Host & Team HUNT Pro Staff


Into Alaska

Into Alaska

I was offered a cancellation hunt through an outfitter, after a client backed out, and had very little time to plan such a massive hunt.

I was packed and headed to Alaska a month later. Presenting Into Alaska...

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All 50 States in one Package: The New Elite Membership is Here

HUNT Elite Membership

Announcing a new element to the HUNT product lineup! With the HUNT Elite Membership, hunters get the best mapping data available for all 50 states on their HUNT product on mobile devices and on computers, along with all the features offered with all the HUNT Premium, single state, Memberships.

You can purchase a yearlong HUNT Elite Membership for $99.99, or a month-to-month HUNT Elite Membership for only $14.99...

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