Land Ownership Maps for Garmin GPS, Mobile Devices, & Computer—Know Property Ownership for Public and Private Lands

An essential tool for your hunting arsenal, these fast, intuitive topo maps highlight all public and private property boundaries. Our HUNT Maps add a layer of private land parcels which list land owner information. With the HUNT line of products you can easily determine your position in relation to public or private property boundaries, find new access, determine land owner names and ranch boundaries, and we are just getting started! Endorsed by numerous State and Federal agencies, our maps are the most reliable source for land ownership maps on the market.

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Garmin GPS Maps

Hunting GPS Map technology for the Garmin GPS.

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Our Garmin GPS Maps.

Computer Maps

Hunting GPS Map technology for BaseCamp and Google Earth.

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Mobile Device Maps

Hunting GPS Map technology as apps for iPhone and iPad.

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Map Key Features

Have the confidence in the field to be a better hunter and make ethical decisions. Our HUNT Maps have the same look and feel as standard BLM maps but with additional features:

  • Land owner names with property boundaries*
    HUNT Premium products only
  • Color-coded public and private lands
  • Up to 24K topographical functionality (for digital maps only)
  • Roads (hwy, city, back-roads, trails)
  • Water data (lakes, rivers, creeks, springs)
  • Game Management or Hunting Units

Take advantage of all the information right on your mapping device! A legend is unnecessary on all digital maps since all the data is easily accessible right on the map.

Additional Features

  • Land owner name appears on each parcel in the state (HUNT Premium only)
  • Color-coded land ownership
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • State Land
    • US Forest Service/National Grasslands
    • US Fish & Wildlife
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • DOD — COE- US Gov
    • Local Government
    • National Park Service
    • Timber Company
    • Much more!
  • WMA, WPA, CWMU, etc.
  • Section lines and parcel boundaries
  • Topographic features
  • Parcels within the city
  • City parks, county open space, state parks
  • Roads - city, hwy, county, forest service, back roads & trails
  • Hunting districts, game management units, & wildlife management units
  • Geographic names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc.)
  • Fishing access sites (Boat Ramps)
  • Water data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
  • Trail segments - National Forest trails and many others
  • Section lines and parcel boundary lines
  • Section numbers
  • Lake depth contours
  • Oil and gas well data
  • Walk-in access program lands

Please refer to specific product(s) for more detailed information, not all features are available on all maps.

Advantages of Hunting GPS Maps

Hunt Montana GPS, BaseCamp, and Chip packaged product

Coverage of Hunting GPS Maps

  • HUNT Premium map products are color-coded state specific maps showcasing land owner names.
  • HUNT Regional map products are color-coded multi-state, region specific without land owner names.
HUNT Premium HUNT Regional
State Specific
Multi State Maps
Private Parcel Boundaries
Public Property Boundaries
Color Coded
Background Layers
Property Boundaries
Topo Functionality

The incredible advantage of having the private land owner names is that it gives you a more reliable source of property ownership information. The private land owner name data may contain errors as well, but it gives you another source to help you verify ownership of private and public lands.

Accuracy of Hunting GPS Maps

We concentrate our efforts to provide the most current and accurate property boundaries and ownership available. These maps are for reference purposes only! Always obey property postings and use common sense to visually verify boundaries. Data is taken from the most current state and national government agency's land survey data. Due to the data compilation methods used by state agencies and Montana Mapping & GPS, LLC, the data is subject to error. No representation is made or warranty given as to its content or usability. User assumes all risk of use. These data do not constitute a legal survey; when seeking the definitive description of real property; consult the deed recorded at the local county courthouse or official land records in the respective federal or state agencies.

* Private land ownership information may not be available for all counties. Please see the specific state’s product for additional information.