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Screenshot of Hunting GPS Maps' HUNT App for iPhone and iPad on the iPhone 5.

Screenshot of the HUNT App on iPhone

HUNT App for iPhone & iPad Description

Use the HUNT App combined with the GPS on your iPhone and iPad to easily view land owner names while knowing your location relative to public and private property boundaries and hunting unit boundaries. Cache aerial imagery and topo basemaps for offline use while creating custom markups and more! From the makers of your favorite Hunting GPS Maps, feel confident you are using the most accurate, up-to-date, reliable and most trusted land ownership maps available!

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Basemaps in the HUNT App provide map information worldwide. Users may subscribe to our hunting specific layers on a state-by-state basis. Statewide Yearly Map Subscriptions can be purchased through the HUNT app ($34.99) or our store ($29.99).

Free HUNT App Features

The following list are features found in our free app for your iPhone and iPad:

  • Game Management Units (GMU) Hunting Units for general game species (for example, in Wyoming you can see Antelope, Deer, and Elk units)
  • Basemaps of your choice to see Topo, Roads, Rivers, Lakes, etc.
  • GPS functionality
  • Mark Waypoints with hunting and other icons to help you navigate back to your vehicle, camp, good lookouts, blinds, or just to mark places where you have seen game.
  • Mark Waypoints using a photo you've taken to easily document the locations of scrapes and rubs, wallows, game sightings, food sources, bedding areas, etc. Bring this data back home to your iPad or computer to help you learn your hunting area much faster!

Free Trial

You may try our full featured HUNT App subscription for 7 days for the state of your choice. Only one 7 day trial is allowed, and this trial is only good for one state of your choice from our available states. This will give you a chance to try all of the amazing features, map layers, and functionality our subscription has to offer.


Due to the development, maintenance, and server costs of the app, we encourage customers to read our instructions and FAQs before calling our busy, Montana-based customer service team. Please make sure you have searched our Knowledge Base and FAQ's to help answer your question or submit a support ticket through this Knowledge Base. If you can't find the answer to your question, please call us at 406-540-1602.

HUNT App Subscription Features

When you purchase a subscription for a state, you will receive a Public and Government Lands layer, private parcel boundaries and landowner names layer, section lines and TRS numbers layer, and all of the big game management unit layers for different species and special hunts for that state (For example, in Wyoming you will get Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Bobcat, Elk, Moose, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Turkey, White Tail Deer, and Wolf Hunt Areas). Additionally, you will be able to cache all of these map layers for use when you are out of cellular data coverage. A subscription may be purchased through our store for $29.99, or for $34.99 through the HUNT app itself.

The following are features available to users who purchase a yearly subscription for a state:


  • Government and Public Lands
  • Land owner names with property boundaries*
  • GMUs or Hunting Units for as many different species and special hunt types as we can find available for that state (for example, in Wyoming you will get Antelope, Bighorn sheep, Bison, Black Bear, Bobcat, Elk, Moose, Moutain Lion, Mule Deer, Mountain Goat, Turkey, White Tailed Deer, and Wolf Hunt Areas)

Cacheable Basemaps:

  • Topo (Open Cycle)
  • Aerial Imagery (MapQuest Open Aerial)

Other Basemaps:

  • World Topo (ESRI)
  • World Imagery
  • World Streets (ESRI)
  • Open Street Map

If you are unsure if you would like to purchase a subscription, we have a free 7 day trial available on our app. Just download our free HUNT App through the App Store from Apple, and then register for our free trial. You may purchase a subscription anytime in the free app version or the trial.

*Private land ownership information may not be available through the app for all counties. Please see the specific state’s product for additional information.

HUNT App Requirements for the iPhone and iPad

Following is a list of recommended and minimum requirements for the app to work on iPhone and iPad products:

Note: User experience may be affected when running the minimum requirements, (example: slow load time of map layers). The HUNT App requires a minimum iOS system of 6.0 on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch to work.

Minimum Requirements
iPad iPad 2 and higher
iPhone 3GS and higher
iPod Touch 3rd generation or higher
Recommended Requirements
iPad 3rd generation and higher
iPhone 4s and higher
iPod Touch 5th generation and higher, with a minimal storage of 16GB

If you have any questions regarding the compatibility of your device with our app product, please visit our Knowledge Base.

Recommended Accessories

We recommend picking up a vehicle phone charger so you may charge your iPhone or iPad while on route to your destination. We also recommend using a solar powered phone charger while you are out in the field, as these accessories can help improve your experience in the outdoors.

Map Updates

As land ownership, GMUs, and other map data change, we will update the map data on our servers. This new map data will automatically be loaded to your HUNT App without you having to do anything! As we make updates to the map data, we will keep you posted by sending 'Push Notifications' to you within the HUNT App. Make sure you Allow Push Notifications within the App if you wish to receive these messages.

HUNT App Instructions

If you are interested in trying our trial for the HUNT App, please visit our instructions page.