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Advantages of Hunting GPS Maps SD/MicroSD Chip

Different platforms of Hunting GPS Maps Products.
  • Easily view map on Garmin GPS and computer using Garmin’s FREE BaseCamp Software
  • See your position relative to public and private land boundaries. For example, if you are on a BLM section, your current location will show up on a yellow background. If you are on private land, your current location will show your current location on a white background.
  • Land owner names with property boundaries*
    HUNT Premium products only
  • Color-coded public and private lands
  • Up to 24K topographical functionality (for digital maps only)
  • Roads (hwy, city, back-roads, trails)
  • Water data (lakes, rivers, creeks, springs)
  • Game Management or Hunting Units
  • Have statewide ownership and topo map data everywhere you go.

* Private land ownership information may not be available for all counties. Please see the specific state’s product for additional information.

Additional Features

  • Land owner name appears on each parcel in the state (HUNT Premium only)
  • Color-coded land ownership
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • State Land
    • US Forest Service/National Grasslands
    • US Fish & Wildlife
    • Bureau of Indian Affairs
    • DOD — COE- US Gov
    • Local Government
    • National Park Service
    • Timber Company
    • Much more!
  • WMA, WPA, CWMU, etc.
  • Section lines and parcel boundaries
  • Topographic features
  • Parcels within the city
  • City parks, county open space, state parks
  • Roads - city, hwy, county, forest service, back roads & trails
  • Hunting districts, game management units, & wildlife management units
  • Geographic names (cities, creeks, manmade features, etc.)
  • Fishing access sites (Boat Ramps)
  • Water data (creeks, rivers, lakes)
  • Trail segments - National Forest trails and many others
  • Section lines and parcel boundary lines
  • Section numbers
  • Lake depth contours
  • Oil and gas well data
  • Walk-in access program lands

Coverage of Hunting GPS Maps

  • HUNT Premium map products are color-coded state specific maps showcasing land owner names.
  • HUNT Regional map products are color-coded multi-state, region specific without land owner names.
HUNT Premium HUNT Regional
State Specific
Multi State Maps
Land Owner Names
Public Property Boundaries
Color Coded
Background Layers
Topo Functionality

The incredible advantage of having the private land owner names is that it gives you a more reliable source of property ownership information. The private land owner name data may contain errors as well, but it gives you another source to help you verify ownership of private and public lands.


*Free Updates throughout our calendar year when you purchase a chip* (visit our "Update Product" page for details)

At Hunting GPS Maps we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most current ownership information available, so you can concentrate on what’s important while you are in the field—Finding Your Trophy! We gather data from multiple sources including federal, state, and county agencies and combine this information into one easy-to-use map to provide the ultimate resource for the outdoor enthusiast.

We’re also constantly working on adding new functionality and features to improve the user’s experience. In order to keep our statewide maps as current as possible and to continue to add new features we charge a small yearly update fee to cover the cost of maintaining and managing these maps. We do our best to update certain datasets within the map and add new functionality at least once a year.

It is very important to keep your map updated as GMU's, Walk-in areas, land swaps, and etc., occur often. We have made it easy for you to keep your map updated using our Online Chip Updater Wizard. Or, if you don't feel comfortable updating your chip online, we have a mail-in option where we will update your chip for you.

Our easy plug-n-play system allows you to plug our CHIP into your GPS and instantly access land ownership data.

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The CHIP also works on your computer with Garmin’s free BaseCamp software.

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