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Forrest Fenn's Treasure Hunting Maps

By Hunting GPS Maps 3 years ago 24793 Views 35 comments

I followed Mr. Fenn's clues and made it all the way to the blaze that Forrest mentions in his poem. I believe the blaze should be carved into a tree similarly to the way Forrest has blazed the trees in his back yard (see Dal's blog). I looked and looked for the treasure but couldn't find it. I used the Hunting GPS Map chip to follow the clues and locate areas of public land where Forrest may have hidden the treasure. Knowing where the public land boundaries were in the canyon helped me avoid trespassing and find the blaze in less than 4 hours of searching. Any of the state maps on this website would be beneficial to your hunt, whether it be New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado; but I would recommend using either HUNT-Idaho, HUNT-Montana, or HUNT-Wyoming. Forrest is quite the riddler.

Do you treasure hunters know why Forrest would use any of the markings seen here? What would 'I D' mean? How would a chip from Hunting GPS Maps make your treasure hunting better?

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forrest fenn treasure map blaze poem

scott 4 months ago at 09:30

The blaze isn't going to be on any tree or anything that can easily be destroyed, eroded, removed, etc. Forrest said it can still be found 1000 years from now. A blaze on a tree, or the tree for that matter, won't make it that long.

jojoagliata666@gmail.com 4 months ago at 17:28
Yep the blaze is the treasure it's bronze it will last 1000 years or more it already did right
jojoagliata666@gmail.com 4 months ago at 17:30
Scott is at green burial cite it's not a graveyard it's a private land FF bought the treasure is upside down as a marker it says go in peace on it on the bottom of the box
shawn 4 months ago at 09:30
you guys need to not share info with anyone.. theres a reason treasure guns an death have always been linked.. but anyway i have 3 to 4 good ideas where it may be and am planing a trip this oct out west to look ill be out that way for 2weeks.. if interested i may link up with one maybe two persons if theyd like to help.. one thing id like to say is that dbl eagle coins are illegal so u cannot let the goverment or anyone know if you found the treasure.. some one may have already found it, if they were smart they wouldnt speak of it..
Jacob Tyler Hudson 3 months ago at 00:23
hello, I'm located in Albuquerque NM, a busniess student at UNM. if you would like to get connected and talk I would really like to speak.
I'm trying to get a team of 2-5 people to take a trip. I have a little bit of capital just not able to do this alone. email me if you're interested.
JM 3 months ago at 11:51
Hello, how much capital are we talking about? how much do you think we need as I have much capital and time. Let me know
James Simpson 1 month ago at 18:28
I have found the Blaze and other clues in the Forrest Fenn chase and would like to team up with someone to finance the trip, using my location, for 20% of the finds. Can contact me at blueexplorer76@hotmail.com. James Simpson
David Stanforth 4 months ago at 09:30
I know what the tree says. I read the tree and laughed. its actually kind of funny. I'm sure you wont give up the location of the tree so I'll keep Forrest's joke or whoever blazed the tree's joke to myself. if you figure it out I hope you find the humor in it.
Toby Younis 4 months ago at 09:30
You can purchase the NM Hunting Map at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Albuquerque. They're on a Mini SD chip that fits into your Magellan or Garmin portable GPS Tracker.
David K 4 months ago at 09:30
I have had several emails with Forrest Fenn and have been fortunate enough to trade him some of 'my' treasure to clarify information. In one of his emails he asked how I could know where the XXXXXXX was if I didn't go there and look. Now this word "XXXXXXX" to the best my knowledge has never been used by Mr. Fenn. It is a descriptive word and best I can tell, it says where to look when in the area. It is absolutely a clue if you ask me.

I live far from the mountains and it is costly for me to travel from Illinois, but I am still chasing the treasure. I'm willing to give this clue to the highest bidder, only to fund our next trip to the mountains.

I can assure you that the emails are legitimate and I can even prove it to you by showing a UPS reciept for items I sent to him, including his response. He says in the email that I am a man of my word.

The bidding just started at $350, but only one bid so far. If you are not interested, please go in peace and don't criticize me. But with the dozens and dozens of hours and nights I've put into this chase, and new words directly from Forrest himself, I do think it is worth several hundred dollars to someone. I am considering it a wonderful clue, but still need to solve other parts before I use it. I will absolutely look for the XXXXXXXX when I am on my chosen site.

If interested, please email me dkoldoff@jjbenes.com
With that said, maybe the agreement can include half of the treasure if YOU find it before I do. (or at least a large nugget or two) (I hate to think someone else finds it based on my clue! :) Have a great day! 9-17-13
Kevin 4 months ago at 18:10
if your clue is worth so much, you would probably pursue it yourself and find the $2 million prize.. you sound silly to sell out of "several hundred dollars"
Billy 3 months ago at 21:40
He explained that he would use the money to fund his next trip, in hopes of finding the treasure before the buyer would. After that, it's a matter of intelligence and creativity...
Lil Bit 4 months ago at 09:30
So why is F FENN helping his pal Dal and no everyone else? Seems a bit "personal" don't ya think...as in NOT fair. Why should we all go hunting when one man is getting the "inside goods' so to speak.

Eric 4 months ago at 09:30
I think the blaze is a tree because Forrest has trees in his back yard carved with his initials 'FF'. See Dal's blog. Forrest randomly sent pictures of these trees in his backyard to Dal back in March.
Judy 4 months ago at 09:30
What makes you think the blaze is a carving on a tree? I have researched many possibilities including the blazes restaurant etc. can you find a marking on a tree and how many trees may be marked? Please help me understand.. Thanks, Judy
Pete 4 months ago at 09:30
"I said in my book that the solution will be difficult but not impossible. If it was easy anyone could do it. Whoever finds the treasure will mostly earn it with their imagination. I have done only a few things in my life that were truly planned. Hiding the treasure chest is one of them. And at the end, the one who finds the gold will not feel lucky, but instead, will ask himself, “what took me so long?” These last words fell out of my own mouth when I looked to the blaze of cottonwoods in the valley. I knew it was just too easy, just follow verse 2-4-6 of Fenn's poem and there it is. I went there alone and the wood held the the tree where the chest had been in the wood.
Theres alot of info out there its easy to be misled read carefully. If I wanted people misled to mislead someone I would tell the truth with a paragraph or two and let the commenters do the rest. The quote is from Forrest Fenn. Check out where the Yellowstone in the Lamar Valley. Or comment and give us Chasers a clue.
Pete 4 months ago at 09:30
I have a challenge on my blog to get the coordinates to a cottonwood tree with a different blazes. I think this tree is the one we are looking for but it will take some fishing around to get it. It is a stay at home chase. Take a look if you like. http://captpappy.wordpress.com/
Tim 3 months ago at 16:28
Hi Pete - read your blog....interesting take on some of the clues. Sounds like you and I have similar thoughts. Not to give out too much info, but my wife, a friend and myself will be heading out on the chase as well. I too believe it is well north of Santa Fe - in Montana......and the clues I have researched for the past 1.5 years, are now giving up their secrets too.

Good luck to you and good hunting.
Matt Seidel 4 months ago at 09:30
The map can be downloaded onto a PC/Mac or your Garmin. We have several options on our website. You can get a preloaded SD chip that you can plug into your GPS and Computer. You can get our full download which allows you to download the map to your computer and GPS. Or you can get the computer download which just lets you download the map to your computer. We do have a NM map with all public/private lands for the entire state. We have land owner names in these counties: Bernalillo, Chaves, Cibola, Colfax, Debaca, Dona Ana, Grant, Guadalupe, Harding, Hidalgo, Lincoln, Los Alamos, McKinley, Otero, Rio Arriba, Roosevelt, San Juan, Sandoval, Santa Fe, Sierra, Valencia
Elizabeth Schultze 4 months ago at 09:30
Can the maps be downloaded onto a PC rather than a garmin? Also, are maps available for NM which include private ownership information?

thanks so much!
mary 4 months ago at 09:30
Eric, I think you are a trader. Give up your coordinates.
Jason 4 months ago at 09:30
Hey guys, good luck and make sure you share the wealth. (With me) ahahahaa.
Michael 4 months ago at 09:30
Can you email me the device you are using including the chip for your GPS
Eric 4 months ago at 09:30

That isn't the same location we were looking. Thanks for sharing though. We're glad to see people excited to get out and explore. Keep it up!
Michael 4 months ago at 09:30
Hi Eric well I was wondering about the post. I havent heard back so not sure what to think.
Michael 4 months ago at 09:30
Take a look and let em know what you think. I have been looking all last summer and my wife really think I have lost it to some degree. I am also looking in another spot but havent seen any signs like this there. Thanks again for the post I am glad to see someone else is atleast finding simular items as me. email em anytime.
Michael 4 months ago at 09:30
44°39'25.46- 111°04'04.67 in this area.. atleast give me yours.
Eric 4 months ago at 09:30

Let us know the coordinates of your tree and we'll tell you if they are the same or not.
Michael 4 months ago at 09:30
What are the coordinates of this tree? I think I saw something simular in a different location..
bwbrea@aol.com 3 months ago at 07:43
the hunt is over!!! It has been found. The new owner is not releasing info about themselves and is at this moment contactin Forrest about the find!
Congrats to you!!
Billy 3 months ago at 21:49
Can you please elaborate, or at least give us a source that shows the treasure has been found? I can't seem to find anything.
dr 3 months ago at 22:34
um, and how do you know this?
Tim 3 months ago at 12:14
Your statement is very vague. Some people may considered this as just a ploy by someone to throw others off the trail.....to have them stop looking. Just saying something like this, will only deter those that have NOT been pondering this for some time. You'll need proof of some sort to really get those seekers to stop looking. Do you have that evidence?
BRANDON 3 months ago at 09:15
jp 2 months ago at 20:54
Yaw got it all wrong.and wrong places. . Haha.