I followed Mr. Fenn's clues and made it all the way to the blaze that Forrest mentions in his poem. I believe the blaze should be carved into a tree similarly to the way Forrest has blazed the trees in his back yard (see Dal's blog). I looked and looked for the treasure but couldn't find it. I used the Hunting GPS Map chip to follow the clues and locate areas of public land where Forrest may have hidden the treasure. Knowing where the public land boundaries were in the canyon helped me avoid trespassing and find the blaze in less than 4 hours of searching. Any of the state maps on this website would be beneficial to your hunt, whether it be New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Colorado; but I would recommend using either HUNT-Idaho, HUNT-Montana, or HUNT-Wyoming. Forrest is quite the riddler.

Do you treasure hunters know why Forrest would use any of the markings seen here? What would 'I D' mean? How would a chip from Hunting GPS Maps make your treasure hunting better?

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forrest fenn treasure map blaze poem